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The Last Drop in north Belfast: A drop of magic

Forget £6 a pint, it’s the mega bacon chop we should all be talking about


SHOWSTOPPER: John’s bacon chop

SHOWSTOPPER: John’s bacon chop

SHOWSTOPPER: John’s bacon chop

Following a £200k revamp and the introduction of £6 pints there has been a lot of chatter about The Last Drop in north Belfast.

The popular bar and restaurant, formerly known as The Chester, reopened earlier this year with the new look, as well as the new price list, the subject of much discussion in the area.

Keen to find out what all the fuss was about my partner and I booked in for dinner along with our infant son.

We were able to book online at short notice which was handy and the staff were very accommodating of us and our son’s somewhat chunky pram.

The entire bar and restaurant has been refitted with low lighting, leather upholstery, varnished dark wood and classical fixtures and fittings which give the place a relaxed, cosy and intimate feel.

I supped a £6 pint of Peroni while the attentive staff guided us through the menu and although it was delicious, I do think the price of the pint is a little high.

For starters my partner and I opted to share a portion of mussels and some crispy chilli chicken — our boy is still too young for solids so he was reduced to a spectator, sadly.

The plentiful steamed rope mussels were plump and tender, if a little small, and were served in a tangy and luxurious cider, chorizo, and tomato broth along with a slice of wheaten.

The crispy chilli chicken, with warm slaw and citrus-infused yoghurt, was juicy and came served in a delicate, crunchy batter making it feel nice and light.

When fingering the menu I was immediately struck by the sugar pit bacon chop. I’d never heard of such a thing but the idea of a pork chop-sized piece of bacon was far too much to resist and I ordered it for my main.

The pork is cured in sugar and roasted low and slow to form a caramelised, melt-in-the-mouth piece of meat before being grilled for the charred finish.

Served with seasonal greens, new potatoes and a gremolata, the chargrilled chop was phenomenal. It simultaneously felt both traditional yet unique and is certainly a dish I would order again. My partner opted for a falafel burger with Cajun mayo, shredded lettuce, pickled red onion and skinny fries served in a gluten-free brioche-style bun.

Her burger and fries, while tasty and well-cooked, were completely overshadowed by the pork epiphany on my side of the table.

Although both well-fed, we couldn’t resist the allure of the dessert menu and opted to share a chocolate brownie plus some cookies and cream.

The latter consisted of whipped cream and strawberries sandwiched between two halves of a giant cookie and dressed with chocolate sauce, while the brownie was topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and finished with yet more chocolate sauce.

Both desserts were heavy in a luxuriant and satisfying way and certainly won’t be for the calorie conscious among us but then dessert should never be so.

Although some might raise an eyebrow at a few of the price points at The Last Drop, the quality of the service, food and drink is excellent.


Honey Chili Chicken £7

Mussels £8

Falafel Burger £12

Sugar Pit Bacon Chop £17

Chocolate Brownie £5

Cookies and Cream £5

Pints x4 £22.60

Glass of Merlot £6.50

Total: £83.10


Service *****

Food ****

Decor *****

Vegetarian ***

The Last Drop

466 Antrim Rd,

Belfast BT15 5GE

028 9096 1136

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