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Wag Tales: Mrs Debby Armstrong

Discover the secrets of our sporting Wives And Girlfriends in this great new Sunday Life series...

By Ruth Gorman

NAME: Deborah Armstrong (Debby).

PARTNER: Married to Northern ireland World Cup legend and SKY TV Spanish football colour commentator Gerry Armstrong.

AGE: 31

WHAT YOU DO? Property Developer and mother.

WHERE YOU AND GERRY MET? We actually met 15 years ago, when Gerry was invited as a guest to my first fashion show as a model. I also have flown Gerry on numerous occasions when I was an air stewardess, but officially I met him in the Apartment bar four years ago and the rest is history.

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN GERRY'S AWAY COMMENTATING? I try to go with him most weekends. We hate being apart. I've even managed to sneak into the commentary box by pretending to be a make-up artist! But if I'm at home, I meet up with friends and family.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE RULES OF FOOTBALL? Yes, I used to play ladies football.

LAST PRESENTS YOU BOUGHT EACH OTHER AND WHAT WAS THE OCCASION? Gerry gets me flowers every week, but Christmas would have been the last presents. I got him a Roadster Cartier watch and he got me diamond ear rings made by the same jeweller who made my engagement ring.

WHO'S THE BEST COOK? We both love to cook and have dinner parties. Gerry makes the best paella I have ever tasted, but he loves my cooking (plenty of practice as I used to own a catering business).

WHAT MAKES YOU FIGHT OVER THE REMOTE? We don't get time to watch much TV, but when we do, we like the same programmes.

WHAT'S HIS MOST ANNOYING HABIT? I'm not being corny, but I honestly haven't found that out yet. Maybe because we spend so much time together, you just get used to each other's habits.

MOST EMBARRASING STORY ABOUT HIM? I have heard so many over the years, but one that sticks out in my eyes was when he played for Watford and they were at the British Embassy in Peking. Elton John, who was the owner and chairman, brought the ambassador and his staff to meet the team, only to find them skinny dipping in the pool at the time.

WHO DOES BABY MARIANNA TAKE AFTER? When she was born she was Gerry's double, but she is now starting to look more like me. She's got my big blue eyes and my nose and his laid back nature.

FAVOURITE SHOPS WHEN YOU'RE AWAY WITH GERRY, IN ENGLAND AND SPAIN?: Believe or not, I'm not a big shopper in London, unless im looking for something in particular, but I love the Spanish style, it's so elegant and classy. I'm in Barcelona next weekend so I'm sure I will have a look around a few boutiques. Spain also has some beautiful baby shops, so I will probably shop for Marianna more than myself.

LAST PURCHASE? I bought a black dress for the Fate awards last week out of My Room in Belfast.

LAST PURCHASE FOR MARIANNA? I love buying baby things, they are so cute. But she is growing so fast, she maybe only gets to wear things once. I bought her some gorgeous bikinis for our holidays next month.

DESCRIBE GERRY IN THREE WORDS: Sorry but three words couldn't describe him. He's the best husband and father, kind, loving and my best friend. I just adore him.

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