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'Feral' Belfast woman who wanted kebab avoids jail - thug had appetite for destruction


Woman breaking door in Belfast for a Kebab
Woman breaking door in Belfast for a Kebab
Nicola Gillespie at Belfast Laganside Court 02-03-2018

By Christopher Woodhouse

A "feral" woman who became a viral internet figure after smashing a pizza shop door and attacking staff has narrowly escaped jail.

Nicola Gillespie's late night "I want a kebab" drunken frenzy was captured on mobile phone footage which was shared and viewed millions of times online.

But the mother-of-one found herself in the dock of Belfast Magistrates Court after causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage and viciously attacking customers and police officers.

The hungry thug bit one woman on the elbow.  On Friday, a prosecution lawyer told District Judge Nigel Broderick that at around 1am on September 29 police were called to Apache Pizza on Belfast's Bradbury Place following a report of a female causing a disturbance.

Gillespie had thrown pizza boxes and napkin holders to the ground inside the restaurant and shoved the card machine and till monitors.

She also kicked a female customer from behind while the manager was also bitten during the attack.

The lawyer explained that a male customer then tried to calm her down and get her a taxi but he got "slapped twice in the face for his efforts".

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After Gillespie was removed from the restaurant another woman tried to stop her from getting back in but Gillespie bit her on the elbow requiring her to get a tetanus injection.

When she was finally ushered outside Gillespie grabbed the glass front door and it smashed, showering the area with splintered glass. Police arrived and at one point she asked them to get her a cigarette from her handbag when they came across a bag of cannabis. Gillespie refused to hand the bag of drugs back to the officers and kicked one of the cops on the right knee, causing a large bump.

The prosecution lawyer said she caused a total of £778 worth of damage during the incident.

Woman breaking door in Belfast for a Kebab
Woman breaking door in Belfast for a Kebab

Gillespie pleaded guilty to three counts of common assault, common assault causing actual bodily harm, criminal damage and possession of a Class B drug.

Gillespie's barrister described it as a "fairly feral piece of behaviour" and said he had watched the footage with the hashtag #IWantAKebab.This was a reference to what Gillespie can be heard shouting in the footage of the bust-up.

He said she has been shamed by her behaviour, adding that she was "totally feral and out of control".

"She believes her drink may have been spiked but I have no evidence to back this up," he said.

Asking for a period of community service or probation, the barrister said that jailing her would be "very crushing" for her child.

Judge Broderick asked Gillespie: "I think you accept that this behaviour was totally disgraceful?"

"Yes," she replied.

"It was totally unacceptable and will not be condoned by the court, your six-year-old daughter should be your main priority, not out committing these offences," he said.

Judge Broderick sentenced Gillespie to 12 months on probation and 100 hours' community service.

He also made an order for £500 compensation for the damage caused and ordered that the cannabis taken from her be destroyed.

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