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Football hooligan Jason Marriner took part in Belfast UVF parade

Jason Marriner
Jason Marriner

By John Toner

Britain's most infamous football hooligan took part in a UVF parade on Belfast's Shankill Road last weekend.

Some UVF veterans are reported to be fuming over the attendance of notorious thug Jason Marriner at the Brian Robinson Memorial Parade.

Marriner (51) is a former leader of the Chelsea Headhunters gang who was first jailed in 2000 following an undercover investigation into football thugs by TV journalist Donal McIntyre.

The violence-loving lout received a six-year jail sentence on that occasion.

And in 2011 he was jailed for two years and given a six-year ban from football grounds after being convicted of violent disorder at a game between Chelsea and Cardiff City in west London. Twenty-three other men were also convicted over the trouble at the game.

Marriner has denied any links to banned neo-nazi group Combat 18 but other Headhunters' members have been involved in the far right group including Andy 'Nightmare' Frain, who was jailed alongside Marriner in 2000 and 2011.

Marriner last weekend posted a series of images to his Twitter account of himself and other English football fans drinking in Sandy Row and attending the Shankill parade.

He was among the English visitors who laid a wreath at the parade in memory of UVF man Robinson who was shot dead by soldiers after gunning down innocent Catholic Paddy McKenna in Ardoyne in 1989.

Several older UVF men are said to be "fuming" that Marriner was allowed to take part in the parade as they associate the Chelsea Headhunters with far right thuggery.

"Many had relatives who fought and died battling the Nazis in the Second World War and they aren't happy about an English football thug like Marriner being welcomed here," said one loyalist.

After the parade, ahead of the Celtic and Rangers Old Firm game, Marriner posted a picture of a watch with the caption "Time for some Bigotry" and wrote "Up the Gers".

Since getting out of jail Marriner, who regularly travels to Belfast for loyalist celebrations, claims to have renounced football violence and has written a book on his experiences.

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