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Frampton floored by Bruce Willis defensive tactics at McGregor Vegas fight

Carl Frampton may have the moves to get around the best-of-the-best in the squared circle, but when it comes to a Hollywood A-lister, their defensive tactics left the boxer punching air.

Writing in his Sunday Life column, the Tiger's Bay man talks of how he spotted Die Hard actor Bruce Willis among the crowds at the Mayweather, McGregor fight in Las Vegas and was keen to meet the star.

But as Frampton went one way, Willis went the other.

"I don’t know whether I didn’t have the right aftershave on or wasn’t wearing the right designer gear but A-list actor Bruce Willis knocked me back for a photograph," he said.

"I went one way and thinking maybe he didn’t see me the first time I tried again to ask but he just turned his back on both occasions.

"I had better luck with Tommy Hearns, though I don’t think he knew who I was — people forget so quickly!"

Frampton said the atmosphere at the much-hyped fight was disappointing as the "working class rowdies" were priced out of the venue and of how he had to apologise to wife Christine for enjoying himself a little too much.

Writing on Floyd Mayweather, Carl says the American has not received the respect his skills deserve.

"That’s partly down to himself with the way he has got on over the years — throwing money around, doing time for hitting his ex-girlfriend and being accused of picking to fight guys at the right time when they’re maybe past their best.

"But, when you look at him as a fighter and read down the list of boxers he has beaten, Mayweather’s record is amazing and I think, in about 10 years time, he’ll be talked about with a lot more respect."

He added: "Watching him at ringside last weekend in Las Vegas, he wasn’t at his best against Conor McGregor, but he’s 40 years of age, and to be honest, he didn’t have to be at his best to win. He knew from the start he wasn’t going to be troubled.

"McGregor won the first three rounds but after that he was blowing and Mayweather just controlled the action as he wanted to. There had been a lot of talk about McGregor’s power and people saying ‘what happens if he lands that left hand?’ but it all meant nothing. Mayweather was always going to be too smart and McGregor didn’t look that hard a puncher.

"I think making the switch from the octagon to the boxing ring was harder than he thought but he might stay there and fight Paulie Malignaggi.

"Still, Mayweather moves into retirement with an incredible ring legacy."

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