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Frank Lampard's annoying toilet roll habit - how Chelsea legend winds up Christine

Christine spills beans on family life and why she loves trips home

By Kelly Allen

YOU won't catch telly's Christine Lampard running marathons or going bungee-jumping as she approaches 40.

The presenter, who turned 39 earlier this month, isn't interested in ticking items off a bucket list ahead of the milestone birthday.

In an exclusive chat with Sunday Life she revealed: "No, not even remotely intending to tick things off this year. I just enjoy myself every day - I don't have a bucket list."

With her flawless skin and silky hair, Christine looks much younger than her years - and feels it too.

"It's not a big deal that this is my last year in my 30s," she said. "I've loved my 30s more than my 20s and I don't mind getting older. I don't get that panicky thing at all. What's the point? You have to enjoy every day.

"I don't feel 39 - I still feel 22. I love going out and I love sneaky drinks during the week when I shouldn't be doing it. I just enjoy myself as best I can."

Christine, who is originally from Newtownards but lives in London with husband Frank, uses any excuse she can to get back home.

"I went back for my birthday and my sister organised a night out," she said. "She'd organised a room with food and drink and it kept flowing. We just had the best time catching up with everyone and all the friends I hadn't seen since Christmas."

Fans of the Northern Irish star have recently been waking up to Christine while she fills in for Lorraine Kelly on her TV show. She also holds court on Loose Women, regularly spilling the beans on life with her husband, who she wed in 2015.

"Loose Women is just great," she said. "I still can't believe I'm doing it because I watched it for years.

"Frank has never asked me not to tell a story about him, but you are obviously aware that you don't want to say anything to upset anybody.

"We were talking the other day about what the other half does to annoy you at home, and honesty is the key to Loose Women - they like knowing that you aren't bulls******g. It really winds me up that he can't put a plate in a dishwasher or change a toilet roll. People know what you mean because their husbands do it too."

But Frank doesn't have to worry about getting scolded over chores for the next week because Christine will be hunting ghosts with co-presenter Matt Richardson on Celebrity Haunted Mansion live on W.

While she might seem like she's built of strong stuff, when it comes to the supernatural, the TV presenter is terrified.

"I have no burning desire to see any ghosts or ghouls, but I do know a lot of the celebs involved are quite into believing and they feel quite powerful about that," Christine said.

"This mansion is particularly eerie. The team says there is something really weird about it. We've heard awful stories of various ghostly goings-on. I can't even watch scary movies without feeling anxious all night. I won't want to go to the loo on my own. Matt is a big wimp as well. He won't be any use of all."

While Christine isn't keen on seeing ghosts, she thinks growing up here made her more open to the supernatural. "We are a bit more superstitious," she said. "Ireland is built on folklore and old stories and ancient buildings with proper history.

"I grew up surrounded with stories from grandparents, so I've always been a bit like, 'There's something there I haven't seen and I don't really want to', but I am open to the suggestion of it."

The presenter is in demand - her work diary is crammed until next Christmas - but she would love a cameo role in Derry Girls, which she still has to watch.

"I've got all the episodes recorded and all ready to go," she said. "On Thursday we have Frank's girls, so it's not a good night for telly. We have to watch it because everyone has asked me about it - even the make-up guys on Loose Women are dying to chat about it with me. They all assume I will know everyone in it. My mum and dad love it too - they think it's great.

"You wouldn't have believed that Derry girls with Derry accents would be on national TV with everyone loving it, but you've got Mrs Brown's Boys and you wouldn't think that would transfer to a British audience, but it's worked and been brilliant for all of them.

"I've heard Nadine Coyle is after a cameo. I'm up for that too. We could bring back 90s Christine. I would need my hair curly - I'd have no problem with that!"

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