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Fruit and nut: The Linfield hate-chant fan banned over Celtic singing

Sunday Life exclusive

By Chris Woodhouse

This is the cowardly bigot slapped with a lifetime ban by Linfield for singing a sectarian song at their recent clash with Celtic.

Scott Colville was caught chanting the hate-filled Super Rangers song ahead of the Champions League tie at Celtic’s ground on July 19.

The Belfast man’s shameful turn on the terraces, which included the line “We hate Celtic, fenian b*******”, also earned him a £300 fine at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

But the fruit and veg merchant wouldn’t face questions when approached by Sunday Life at the grocery in the north of the city where he works.

Colville (46) chickened-out when he saw our reporter arriving and fled to the butchers next door.

A short time later, an employee at the butcher’s store came out to say Colville had no comment to make on the matter.

Colville’s behaviour wasn’t the only incident to blight the afternoon, with tournament organisers Uefa charging Celtic over a fan banner glorifying IRA terrorists.

Another large banner was held aloft by supporters depicting manager Brendan Rodgers in the style of the infamous and chilling “Sniper At Work” sign, seen in South Armagh in the 1990s.

The club was also charged for kit infringements and blocked stairways.

Linfield lost 4-0 in the away leg of the European tournament, five days after being defeated 2-0 by the side at Windsor Park.

But Colville didn’t get to see his the Blues play at Celtic Park as he was collared by cops before kick-off.

He was charged under the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act and spent a night in the cells.

According to reports of the hearing of Glasgow Sheriff Court, a prosecution lawyer said he was observed by police loudly singing the song.

Colville’s solicitor said her client had been drinking since he boarded the ferry at Belfast and described the atmosphere going into the ground as “tense” with “the usual comments thrown from one side to the other”.

The lawyer added that he had been caught up in the atmosphere and joined in with the singing.

Colville pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined £300.

Sheriff Brian Cameron warned him that “the wrath of your wife will probably be more than the punishment I’m going to hand out”.

The club issued a statement last week following Colville’s conviction which said: “At Monday’s scheduled board meeting the directors of Linfield Football Club issued a lifetime ban to an individual convicted of a criminal offence in Glasgow during the away leg of our Champions League tie against Celtic.

“All indications so far are that this individual was neither a club member nor a season ticket holder and we have begun an investigation to establish how they were able to obtain a match ticket.”

Linfield were fined nearly £9,000 for fans’ hooligan behaviour during the first leg of the tie at Windsor Park.

Missiles, including an empty bottle of Buckfast tonic wine, were thrown at Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths.

Griffiths knotted a club scarf to a goalpost after the final whistle but his behaviour saw him landed with a one-match ban for provoking the Linfield supporters.

He was also given a yellow card for wasting time after picking up the Buckfast bottle and showing it to the referee.

Celtic were fined a total of £4,037 on an improper conduct charge, automatically triggered when they received five yellow cards in the game.

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