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GAA stars are in a fix

The Championship season is about to dawn and already there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth because of what is constantly referred to as a potential fixtures pile-up.

There may well indeed be occasions during the next four months when clubs and counties could find themselves immersed in a log-jam but to my mind the GAA has just extricated itself from one of its most lethal fixtures minefields.

I defy anyone to convince me that there is a more claustrophobic, congested month in the annual calendar than March.

Digest this for a list of competitions that currently jostle for air in what is a stifling environment — the Allianz Football League, Allianz Hurling League, Sigerson Cup, All-Ireland club finals, Ulster Colleges semi-finals and finals in various grades, Ulster Under-21 Football Championship, Ulster Club Football League and Ulster Club Hurling League.

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