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Grub spy: Tate's is a Holywood hit

Tate's Bar and Grill are on to a winner with fabulous food.

By Ali Gordon

Tucked down a side street in Holywood, chances are you’ve driven through the Co Down town and not even realised that Tate’s Bar and Grill is there.

For such a small town, there is such fierce competition in terms of bars and restaurants, but Tate’s has got it sussed.

It’s generally a good sign if a place is busy and as we arrived at the trendy eatery on Hibernia Street for a Friday evening post-work drink and bite to eat, we were greeted by a mix of business people, young folk and families sitting outside on the decking.

Inside, the decor is modern with a wooden ceiling and slate on the walls. Blue lighting illuminates the floor while purple tones light up the bottles of spirits behind the bar.

We got a table close to the bar — close enough that my other half could watch the golf anyway — and ordered some drinks while we decided what to eat. For a cocktail lover like myself, seeing a five-page menu of the tasty concoctions is quite the sight to behold. After asking our helpful waitress for some advice, I went for the refreshing Grey Goose Le Fizz made up of vodka, elderflower, lime and soda water.

We decided to skip the starters and go straight to the mains. After seeing the woman at the table next to me devour a huge bowl of it, I opted for the spring salad with a mint dressing, battered gnocchi, asparagus, green beans and prawns. It was unusual for me to be so healthy, but it was the perfect dish for a warm (ish) June evening.

Not so unusually for the opposite side of the table, a burger was ordered.

The homemade 8oz Dexter burger accompanied by pots of relish and garlic aioli and triple cooked chips looked amazing and I was assured through a stuffed mouth that it was “so good”.

I had already decided what I wanted for pudding before the waitress had even asked whether or not we wanted to see the dessert menu. Despite the other tempting options, the chocolate and marshmallow fondant with pistachio ice-cream seemed far too good to pass up. I was not disappointed, that’s for sure.

Cutting through the dome of chocolate brownie unlocked gooey chocolate and marshmallow lava that spilled onto the ice cream.

The other dessert order was a selection of ice-creams and sorbets. One thing that struck me on my visit to Tate’s was the real attention to detail. For a rather boring dish, it was clear that executive chef Alan Hope and head chef Gregory Ferguson have their team well versed in presentation. Each scoop was carefully positioned on the plate with a dusting of “I’m not sure what it is but it’s quite nice” and sauce.

With our bellies full, we both agreed that we would definitely be back.

The Food

Cocktail £6

Beer £3.60

Spring salad with

prawns £12.95

Homemade burger

with chips £10.50

Ice cream and sorbets £4.95

Chocolate and marsh-

mallow fondant and

pistachio ice cream £5.50

TOTAL: £43.50

The ratings

Food 4/5

Decor 5/5

Service 3/5

Value for money 3/5

Tate’s Bar & Grill

27 Hibernia St, Holywood

Tel: 028 9042 4220

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