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H for hypocrisy in the political Maze

The Jim Gracey column

If sheer, breathtaking hypocrisy was an Olympic sport, some unionist politicians would be dripping in gold, and not just from their expenses.

We started the week of the two year-countdown to London 2012 lamenting no signs of a tangible Olympic spin-off or legacy for sports daft Northern Ireland.That is down, pure and simple, to the refusal of those redneck politicians, from all hues of unionism, but mostly the DUP, to deliver the National Stadium dream that would have showcased the sporting excellence of future generations.

We couldn't have it, they insisted, because regeneration of the Maze site would mean incorporating a Conflict Resolution Centre, preserving parts of the old jail as a reminder of its part in our troubled history.

A Shrine To Terror they called it; a Hunger Strike museum and H Block memorial rolled into one. As for the stadium, it would become the Sands Siro.

No way would they countenance that, they harumphed.

Ah, but they will, I noted in a column dated February 1, 2009, the week they finally killed off the Maze National Stadium dream.

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