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Having a Derry good time: Maiden City is Northern Ireland's orgasm capital

When Harry Met Sally
When Harry Met Sally
Helen Carson

By Helen Carson

It was the hot topic in the film When Harry Met Sally and women's glossy magazines for years, and most of us agree hitting that sweet spot in sex is important.

There must be something in the Londonderry air as the loved-up folk in the walled city are residing in Northern Ireland's orgasm capital.

Those hitting the high notes in their sex life most often are people in the gay community, with an above average 62%.

Some 72% of us crave climaxing, with only 2% not rating an orgasm as important in their intimate lives.

Women were closer to men than some may think, with 63% of those surveyed citing the sexual high as crucial to their enjoyment of sex compared to 82% of men. Some other shocking stats show:

  • Gay people faked it significantly less than straight people - 21% vs 37%
  • Co Down is the faking-it capital, with 41% of people there saying they had done so, growing to 63% of women in the county
  • Only 30% of people in Co Armagh have faked it.
  • People with less than one sexual partner were a lot less likely to fake it (27%), while those with more than 11 were more likely to pretend (41%)
  • Those who have slept around but wish they hadn't were also likely to fake it (55%)
  • The first six months of a relationship is when most fake an orgasm, and is more likely with women (67%) than for men (24%)
  • Those in a relationship and who enjoy sex the most are unlikely to be faking
  • Regular physical affection outside of sex leads to less faking for both genders
  • Long-term lovers said achieving the big O spiced up their sex life.

When it comes to our prowess beneath the sheets over half (53%) said they always achieved orgasm, which broke down as 74% for men and 34% of women who "usually" or "almost always" peak.

The survey showed that like fine wine sex does improve with age - so expect more orgasms after the age of 35.

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When it comes to consistency in our love lives, 58% of couples in a relationship almost always climax compared to 34% of those who aren't.

Been with your other half for 10 to 19 years? Then you're more likely to achieve orgasm, so getting comfortable with each other is sure to see sparks fly.

Our findings also revealed that practice makes perfect, with those having sex, oral sex and masturbating more often almost always orgasming.

Those with fewer than five sexual partners were less likely to sweep their lover off their feet in the bedroom. And the best way to hit the spot is to want to, with 67% of those having sex to orgasm saying that they almost always achieved it.

Those of us getting frisky for intimacy and love were less likely to get panting at 57%, while stress-busting and baby-making sex dampened down the fire a bit at 54% and 49% respectively.

Having sex for fun is less likely to result in the steamiest of sessions at 46% of those surveyed, while the odds of having an orgasm while indulging in an ego-boosting romp are down to 34%.

It's probably best to avoid those insecure lovers looking to bolster their self-esteem with a bedroom work-out as they are also more likely to fake it frequently at 24% compared to the 6% average.

Finally, if your other half has a headache it might be best to call it a night. Of those who had sex to keep their partner happy, just 23% achieved orgasm, with 21% of those who obliged likely to be faking it often compared to the average.

The flipside of the love coin is that 37% of people here have faked an orgasm - 16% of men and 57% of women - the latter of whom are more likely to do so when aged 18 to 24.

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