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How I planned holiday murder

The deranged Turkish teen who butchered best friends Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore had planned their murders for days.

Recep ‘Alex' Cetin, 17, wanted the lifelong pals out of the way so he could marry Marion's|15-year-old daughter Shannon and get his hands on her mum's apartment.

And full details of how Cetin carried out the barbaric killings and how he tried to avoid being caught were revealed by police sources last night.

They said Kathy Dinsmore ran away screaming after Cetin slashed her friend’s Marion’s throat but the teen chased her down and knifed her.

After cutting his victim's throats Cetin changed his clothes and rang police from a callbox claiming his victims had been involved in a fight at their apartment complex in the sunshine Kusadasi resort.

Detectives spent hours investigating his lies that were designed to explain Marion and Kathy's disappearance.

At this stage they were totally unaware that the mutilated bodies of the Co Down women lay buried in undergrowth in an Izmir forest 60 miles away.

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