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Howell's offer to Ombudsman

Cocky killer Colin Howell has offered to help the Police Ombudsman with his probe into the RUC’s investigation into the death of his wife and his lover's husband.

Howell carried out the cold-blooded 1991 killings which he and his lover Hazel Stewart disguised as a bizarre joint suicide — now he wants to help the Ombudsman discover how cops failed to discover it was double murder.

The depraved dentist, who gassed his victims 20 years ago, has told Ombudsman Al Hutchinson he will meet his investigators inside the high security Maghaberry Prison where he is serving a minimum of 21 years for his sick slayings.

Howell contacted the complaints body after hearing they were examining how and why the RUC was fooled into believing that Lesley Howell and policeman Trevor Buchanan had killed themselves in a bizarre suicide pact.

It's understood that officals from the Police Ombudsman were shocked to receive his offer.

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