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I heard mum beg for mercy

Sharleen Ogilby was six years old when she heard her terrified mother’s screams as a gang of UDA women savagely beat her to death with bricks and sticks.

She is haunted by her mother Anne’s desperate cries for mercy as the loyalist women carried out the barbaric ‘romper-room’ torture and murder.

Sharleen, who was herself abducted by the gang, today breaks a 36-year silence to talk for the first time about her memories of a murder which even shocked Troubles-weary Ulster.

Anne Ogilby, a 32-year-old Protestant, was abducted on July 24, 1974 and taken to a disused building in Sandy Row, south Belfast, where she was tied to a chair and a hood placed over her head.

Little Sharleen was also abducted and was sent to the shop to buy sweets while the UDA thugs tortured her defenceless mum who they had ‘sentenced to death’.

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