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I quit

Condemned Irish FA President Raymond Kennedy is on his way OUT after a day of high drama in Northern Ireland football. Chief Kennedy opted to fall before he was pushed at an emergency IFA meeting yesterday. He was flown back from the World Cup in South Africa at an estimated cost of £3,000 to answer damning findings in a Government ordered Sport NI inquiry into his role in the sacking of former Chief Executive Howard Wells. The £516,000 loss to football in settling Wells' unfair dismissal case led to the IFA being branded ‘not fit for purpose’ by the official report. President Kennedy and his No.2 David Martin were held ‘equally culpable' for the loss. The timing could not have been worse with the IFA banking on Government money to fund the £30million rebuilding of Windsor Park as a new national stadium. Real danger of the money being withheld unless changes were made at the top in the IFA led to the two top men being ‘persuaded' to fall on their swords yesterday. David Martin is expected to go immediately and President Kennedy after the World Cup to which he flies back tomorrow for the semi-finals and Final. For the full story, see this week's Sunday Life.

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