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I'd trust killer rapist with my toddler

An ex-prison officer told stunned social workers that she would trust her toddler with a convicted rapist and killer before his doting father.

Ruth Oliver's shocking outburst came just days after she was suspended from her job after being caught holding hands with murderer and rapist Ken Callaghan.

Sunday Life filmed the 45-year-old shopping in a Tesco store in north Belfast with Callaghan, 44, who was out on day release at the time.

Joining them on the trip was convicted murderer and sex offender Francis Ferris.

Oliver allowed Ferris, 36, to cuddle her two-year-old while she strolled hand in hand through the supermarket with Callaghan.

After we handed the video footage over to the Prison Service, officer Oliver was suspended and Callaghan was thrown back in jail.

For the full story, see this week's Sunday Life.

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