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If you want to be my new promoter, then deliver me Windsor: Frampton

Now that Carl Frampton has got himself a new coach, Jamie Moore, the Tigers Bay man hopes to have a deal with a new promoter tied up within the next two weeks.

Writing in his weekly Sunday Life column, Frampton said a crucial part of any deal will be the guarantee of a fight at Windsor Park.

He said: "There can't be any deal with anyone if that is not set in stone because this is my dream and it has been for a long time.

"Every time I watch the Northern Ireland lads play at Windsor and see that atmosphere, I have to admit that I feel a little jealous and annoyed that I haven't been able to sample that as a fighter.

"There is a real unity between the players and the fans and it's the same with me and my supporters."

In order for a fight to happen at Windsor Park, Frampton admitted he needed to make his decision quickly as he will be starting his full-time training with Jamie soon.

Hungry to do business: It looks like Carl Frampton and Jamie Moore have become a permanent partnership as fighter and coach

"What I need is someone to give me good tactical advice and get me fit, someone I can trust when I'm in the corner taking instructions," he said.

"I'm not saying I didn't trust Shane McGuigan's advice, it's just that I have moved on. I had it in my mind to try out a few coaches but after a couple of days I knew that I had gelled with Jamie."

It was Frampton's father who suggested the former European Light Middleweight Champion as his new coach. When Moore's partner heard that Frampton had left former coach Shane McGuigan, she said to him - "maybe Carl will give you a call."

Frampton said: "Jamie's excited about the next couple of years, he believes it is fate.

"Some people might wonder why I have gone with Jamie who hasn't had any World champions yet, but I gave Shane McGuigan a try and he was totally untested as a coach and I think that worked quite well for both us us."

Frampton is keen to train in Manchester, where Moore is based, as this will keep him away from any distractions at home. Although he will still come home at the weekends for his famiily.

He commented: "Jamie realises I'm a family man and I need that time at home, he understands that.

"Now it's about nailing down my next fight before the end of the year so I can enjoy Christmas for the first time in a while."

You can read Carl Frampton's column in full in this week's Sunday Life.

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