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Iris girl's love shock

The bubbly blonde chosen by the DUP to fill shamed Iris Robinson’s shoes is going out with a burly loyalist ex-prisoner who is nearly TWICE her age.

Sharon Skillen, 23, was the woman the DUP last week tried to co-opt onto Castlereagh Borough Council to take the seat shamed Iris Robinson quit following revelations about her affair with a teenage toyboy.

Pretty Sharon, who is very well known in loyalist circles, is expected to be the DUP candidate at the upcoming by-election.

The DUP’s new girl is going out with beefy, tattooed Tullycarnet estate loyalist Tommy ‘Tinker’ Taylor and she is pals with UDA chief Jackie McDonald.

The relationship has raised eyebrows because the prominent loyalist is 43 – although UDA pals who served alongside him in the Maze jail joke that he looks 53!

For the full story, see this week's Sunday Life.

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