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Jimmy Nesbitt thankful for start Cold Feet gave him

James Nesbitt
James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt was "moved" filming the new series of Cold Feet as it gave him the chance to reflect on his own career.

The Coleraine actor got his big break playing Adam Williams in the ITV drama series in 1998. During the eighth series, old footage will be shown during flashbacks, which James admitted was emotional to see.

The 53-year-old star told Showbiz Life: "Truthfully I found that very moving to watch. A lot of it was from the very first pilot episode 20 years ago. Any emotion you see is very easily summoned up in that scene.

"Also it was just looking back on my own life. Looking back at the importance Cold Feet has had in my career. I look at it so happily but that was the beginning of a career. I really do just look at that and I go, 'God, if that hadn't happened, I certainly wouldn't be sitting here in front of you now' and so for that I'm very grateful. It was such a lovely thing to be able to do in this series."

Cold Feet was originally on TV from 1998 to 2003 before being rebooted in 2016 and the actor thinks that the new version is even better.

"I think this series of Cold Feet is very strong," he explained. "I'm really pleased with it. There's big scope, range and ambition. It's the best one of the reboots and one of the best there's ever been. It's found its place again. The previous series were good but now it really seems to have got its mojo back and is moving in the right direction."

Cold Feet has never shied away from difficult storylines and this series will be no different as Fay Ripley's character Jenny discovers she has breast cancer. James thinks the secret to its success is its realism that people will laugh even when they are going through terrible times.

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He adds: "We've had plenty of those (difficult storylines) in the past because we are able to deal with those storylines truthfully, particularly if you've got a character that already feels like a friend to you as all these characters do and when you see something happen to them, that is incredibly relatable.

"Not only do we know people that have gone through that but we can kind of go through it with them as your conduit and I think that's real and that notion of it being funny as well.

"I was chatting to a child in Northern Ireland, I was doing something with him last week, victims of the Troubles and all that and a lot of them were talking about the fact that, you know, people think that you never laugh again, people think that you never… and of course that's not the truth and I think that's why Cold Feet is so good and why it's been so good with this character is that you actually can be very truthful about it. It can be exquisitely painful and painfully funny at times."

While the stars of Cold Feet might be aging, Hermione Norris, who plays Karen isn't bothered about getting older.

She told me: "That's the thing about Cold Feet. Revisiting Cold Feet more than any other experience in my life makes time expand and contract. I'm often caught up on set when I look at the others and think how long we have been doing this now."

The 51-year-old actress added: "I don't worry because it's an inevitability. I can't do anything about growing old. I am aware that I have a limited window of full capacity and I want to embrace that fully. I just want to find the joy. Not in anything grand but just in everyday living.

"Who knows how long you have left? 20 years? 20 Christmases? I'm not interested in long life. I'm interested in a really good life. Allow me to see my children up and running with their partners. I do think about all of those things."

Cold Feet returns to ITV on Tuesday, January 8

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