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Johnny Adair's puppy love

Exiled loyalist leader Johnny Adair has finally found love — with a sex-mad wannabe glamour model.

Despite reports that Mad Dog is set to return to Northern Ireland following the UDA arms decommissioning announcement, he appears to be ready to settle down with his new girlfriend — busty 34DD Lynn Benson.

The ex-terror boss, whose gang was chased from Northern Ireland in 2003 by former UDA pals, showed his soppy side when Sunday Life visited his Troon hideaway last week.

Posing for romantic pictures with Lynn near his Scottish seaside home, the hard-man gushed: “Johnny Adair has finally found love.

“Lynn is the perfect woman. She's like Madonna, Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe rolled into one.

“We have sex all the time, morning, noon and night. Look at the size of her mad puppies. She's great."

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