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Keystone Cops moment as Belfast UDA boss Coleman flees police on the Shankill

By Ciaran Barnes

This is the moment UDA extortionist Dee Coleman took to his heels to avoid being lifted by police.

The heavyweight criminal was chased around the Shankill estate in Belfast after telling cops: “I’m not being arrested, I’m telling you now.”

What followed was like a scene from The Benny Hill Show with 17 stone Coleman running around Hopewell Crescent trying to avoid being grabbed by the officers, one of whom fell over.

A magistrate gives his verdict on the incident this Wednesday, deciding whether the UDA boss is guilty of assaulting police, resisting police and disorderly behaviour.

Also sweating on assaulting police and disorderly behaviour charges are Jim Cousins, 32, from Hopewell Avenue, and 36-year-old David Jenkins of Canmore Close.

If Coleman is convicted it will add another notch on his shocking criminal record that includes a gun attack, extortion, possessing drugs, handling stolen goods, trading in counterfeit products, and possessing an imitation firearm.

Not only is the 31-year-old loyalist currently in trouble with the courts he is also in bother with the UVF.

The terror gang is investigating an incident in the Pony Club on the Shankill last weekend which led to a drinker needing six staples in a head wound.

Sources say UDA C Company second-in-command Coleman battered the well-liked man following a row involving a girl.

The attack has led to demands from locals for west Belfast UDA leader Matt Kincaid to intervene and rein in his members. Families living in the lower Shankill are also furious that another innocent resident was beaten senseless outside the Diamond Jubilee bar on Remembrance Sunday.

UDA finance officer ‘Dopey’ Denis Cunningham was involved in a confrontation with the man, who was later set upon by UDA heavies, suffering a serious assault.

Unhappy with Kincaid’s response to the assaults, lower Shankill residents contacted Sunday Life to plead for help in exposing the bully-boys making their lives hell.

One mother said: “The lower Shankill is worse now than it ever was. All the good people are moving out because it is being destroyed by the likes of Coleman and Cunningham. Matt only tolerates their behaviour because they make him so much money, but there has to come a point when even he says enough is enough.”

Like Dee Coleman, UDA money man Denis Cunningham also has an unenviable criminal record. The 63-year-old was famously jailed for two-and-a-half years for reading out a UDA terror statement while wearing his glasses over a balaclava.

Terror mouthpiece Cunningham was pictured last month cosying up to a DUP delegation that visited the lower Shankill.

Meanwhile, loyalists on the Shankill have been urged by the UVF to boycott businesses with connections to local man Mark Pollock, who was convicted earlier this month of running a dirty diesel scam with republicans.

The 37-year-old is married to Becky Spence, the daughter of UDA godfather Jim Spence, whose wife Maggie ‘Benidorm’ Spence owns Go Cabs on the Ballygomartin Road. The taxi firm is being targeted in the boycott as is the Berlin Bar in which Pollock often drinks.


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