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Killed for taking on IRA gangsters

When they buried Paul Quinn, they could not even fold his arms and hands across the body, as if in prayer.

Every single bone in his body had been broken and, try as the undertakers might, there was no way to hold his pulped hands in that position.

Twenty-one-year-old Paul had been lured across the border from his home in Cullyhanna, Co Armagh, on October 20 2007 with the promise of work. It was a set-up and a gang of men lay in wait, dressed in boiler suits and masks, armed with iron bars, bats and sticks, some studded with nails.

Paul Quinn’s “crime” was that he didn’t respect the IRA.

A young republican — who was a member of a prominent IRA family — did not like Paul Quinn. The two men had tangled on two, perhaps three, different occasions. Every time, Paul Quinn had bested his adversary.

After that, he was warned to leave Cullyhanna, told that his days were numbered if he continued to live in his own home town. He refused to bow down, refused to leave the family home or his girlfriend Emma Murphy. For that, it seems, he had to die — for there can be no brooking of dissent when it comes to the IRA.

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