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Killer Johnny Miller forced tragic Charlotte Murray to make sex video



Convicted killer Johnny Miller

Convicted killer Johnny Miller

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Convicted killer Johnny Miller

Porn addict killer Johnny Miller repeatedly watched a sex tape he had made with his victim - after murdering and secretly burying her remains.

When confronted by detectives with the recording of his ex-fiancee Charlotte Murray, whose body has never been found, the pervert said: "It was just sex, porn. We had good sex."

Now the deviant has been found guilty of killing the vulnerable 34-year-old, Sunday Life can reveal Miller:

  • Visited brothels and seedy strip clubs in Thailand;
  • Forced Charlotte to make a sex tape with him two weeks before her murder;
  • Ordered her to send it to ex-boyfriend Adrian McCoy, a Belfast psychic who he was convinced she still loved.

Jealous Miller's trial heard how Charlotte had earlier messaged naked images to the medium, who gave witness evidence to the court and whose home was searched by detectives.

Even after killing his victim, Miller could not stop watching their sex tape, playing it during the period he butchered her body with an axe and saw bought on the internet.

Detectives who have spent the past six years scouring the Dungannon area for Charlotte's remains are now concentrating their searches on a lake near the village of Benburb.

Miller, originally from Coleraine and an expert canoeist, is suspected of dumping her dismembered body in water piece by piece.


Charlotte Murray's body has never been found

Charlotte Murray's body has never been found

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The scheming 48-year-old is refusing to help with the search effort, adding to the Murray family's heartbreak.

Throughout his trial, Miller sought to portray himself as a jilted fiance, someone who Charlotte cheated on.

But the truth of the matter is that he is a callous deviant with a pornography obsession who made his vulnerable victim engage in recorded sex sessions.

Prior to starting a relationship with Charlotte, the twisted killer holidayed in sex resorts in Thailand. He was also a regular in brothels and strips bars and posed for pictures with bikini-clad girls.

The pair met while working at the Lusty Beg resort in Fermanagh before setting up home together in Moy, near Dungannon.

Both found employment in the Cohannon Inn on the outskirts of the town.

While on the surface their relationship seemed stable, it was in turmoil below.

When they were engaged in February 2012, Miller forced Charlotte to buy her own ring - and in a deliberate attempt to denigrate his victim, the cheapskate told his trial that she was cheating on him with online psychic Adrian McCoy.

Miller said Charlotte was sending "photos and stuff to the psychic" which were of an extreme sexual nature.

Under cross-examination, he revealed: "I was a bit annoyed. I asked her, what are you at? We'd just got engaged. I was shook."

The killer also admitted watching footage of Charlotte having sex with pub owner Kieron McMahon, who runs Bishop's Bar in Moy. He, too, made witness statements to police confirming they had a brief affair.

Prior to this, Miller had made his own graphic recording of Charlotte, which he wanted sent to psychic Adrian McCoy who he was convinced she still loved.

The porn addict told the court that it was his fiancee who suggested the plan, describing it as "a bit of a shock to me".

However, he was forced to admit that the video contained a scene in which he addressed the camera, saying: "Here you are Brian (the name to which they referred to Adrian McCoy), what do you think of this?"

While Miller sought to play down his sex video role, detectives are convinced he was the instigator as he wanted to make McCoy jealous.

There was an eight-year age gap between Charlotte and him, and he was paranoid that she would leave for someone younger.

Miller also admitted ringing McCoy after seeing the naked images she had sent the psychic, telling him: "Give us a break, stop it."

Asked by a lawyer if he was warning him off, the killer replied: "I was in a way. She (Charlotte) was lying to me. I didn't trust her any more. The trust had gone. We started drifting apart. It changed the relationship. I didn't care any more."

However, the couple did not break up, with Miller continuing to sleep with Charlotte and making a sex tape with her two weeks before taking her life.

In evidence to the court, Adrian McCoy recounted the phone conversation he had with Johnny Miller after he discovered Charlotte had sent him naked images of herself. He said: "(Miller) was calm on the phone - his tone wasn't raised."

Asked about the contact he had with Charlotte prior to her murder, McCoy claimed she wanted "a more casual thing".

McCoy said the first he learned Charlotte was missing when he was spoken to by police, who later searched his home on the Malone Road in Belfast, finding nothing. At no point has he ever been considered a suspect.

Detectives suspect that it was Miller's fears that Charlotte would run off with McCoy that prompted him to kill her.

Giving evidence, Miller denied trying to "blacken and traduce her name", insisting that he loved her.

Ten days before Charlotte went missing, Miller called to Kieron McMahon's house, believing she was with him. It was after this that she sent him a video of the Moy pub owner having sex with her.

Miller denied being annoyed by the recording, claiming by that stage in late October 2012 their relationship was over.

Referring to the incident at McMahon's home, he said: "I didn't know she was having sex with Kieron McMahon. They both said there was no sex and she fell asleep."

Miller was asked why he kept the recording of him and Charlotte having sex, watching it multiple times after she disappeared.

The killer replied: "It was something to look at an odd time, now and again. It was porn. I look at porn, like. We had good sex. They were just on my phone."

When approached by Sunday Life yesterday about his relationship with Charlotte and Miller, Kieron McMahon said: "I don't know anything about that, I have nothing to say about it."

Yesterday Charlotte's grieving family told of their plan to campaign for a new law in her name, to compel convicted killers to reveal the whereabouts of a victim's body.

Denise, Charlotte's identical twin, told the Belfast Telegraph: "Charlotte deserves a proper, decent burial and her family deserve the chance to mourn her. In England, there are plans in place for 'Helen's Law' which means murderers who refuse to reveal where a victim's remains could be denied parole.

"We want an equivalent law here in Northern Ireland, Charlotte's Law, in our sister's memory. We don't know where she is and we don't know if we'll ever get to say goodbye."

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