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Lewis Capaldi celebrated Grammy nomination with boozy Belfast blowout

Lewis Capaldi and JC Stewart
Lewis Capaldi and JC Stewart

By Kelly Allen

Lewis Capaldi celebrated his Grammy nomination with a boozy party at the Bullitt Hotel in Belfast thanks to his local pal JC Stewart.

JC, who is from Magherafelt, gave his pal a big night out in the city at the hotel's Babel rooftop bar after he supported the Scottish star at his recent sold out Ulster Hall show.

He revealed: "We had a party on the top of the Bullitt Hotel with him. It was hilarious because the bouncers and everyone were getting pictures with him.

"I knew he had been nominated for the Grammy and he hadn't had a day off since that or been out with anyone. So, me and my manager said: 'We are staying in Bullitt, let's just go to the bar and invite everybody up.' So, it was my Belfast mates, his band and my band. It was really fun. It was relatively civilised except for my drummer. We were meant to catch a flight the next day at 8am which my drummer didn't make. He didn't come home for a day and a half. I don't even know what happened him. It was really fun.

"Lewis asked me last minute to support him ... It was a bit random but fun."

The pair wrote the smash hit Hollywood together after meeting in California at a party.

"It is very random. I don't know how it happened. It's one of those things that was a series of very fortunate events. Meeting Lewis, I was the only Irish guy and he was the only Scottish guy at the party. Everyone else was really LA and it wasn't really my thing. We said, 'We are probably going to be friends aren't we?' And three years later here we are.

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"When I played with Lewis I had so many friends I had never heard of in Belfast texting me wanting to be on the guest list. My family love it and they are getting all the perks out of it. I played the Manchester United players' dinner and I got to bring my dad to that. Michael Buble is on my label so my mum wants to go to see him. It's pretty funny."

JC's real name is John Calum but he decided he had to change his name as he felt it was too similar to Britain's Got Talent star Calum Scott.

The 22-year-old singer, whose new single The Wrong Ones is out now, explained: "My family had a business in Magherafelt, which has been there for 150 years. It's a name that's been in my family. It made sense. I've been doing this since I was 14 or 15. I am from Magherafelt originally and I lived there 'til I was 19. I was doing music the whole time. I ended up writing for other people and moved to Brighton for university.

"It's going really well now. We've got three or songs to release now since I signed to Warner Records. It's going amazing but next year is the year we kick into gear with it. I've got my first headline tour. I'm playing the Limelight in Belfast (on May 28). It's going to be really fun."

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