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Liam Gallagher: I can't wait to have a proper night out in Belfast

Liam vows to arrange Northern Ireland gig for amazing fans

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher

By John Kearns

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher can't wait to have "a proper night out" in Belfast.

The 47-year-old rocker, who is back with his second solo album Why Me? Why Not, won't be performing in the city on his upcoming tour but has promised to be back soon to hit the town.

He told me: "I love Belfast, it really is a lethal gig. I love playing there whether it's the SSE Arena or the Ulster Hall. The fans are amazing and we've always had a great time there whether with Oasis, Beady Eye or my own thing and I can't wait to get back so we'll sort out a date soon. So hello to all the people in Belfast, I'm sorry we can't make it on this run but we will be seeing you soon.

"I also really want a proper night out in Belfast because every time I have played there I seem to have gone in and out quickly and just saw the gig, the hotel and the airport. The fans are loud and lairy man so I'm sure a night out would be great too. I look forward to it."

For his new album, the star collaborated with American producers Andrew Wyatt and Greg Kurstin who between them have crafted hits for everyone from Foo Fighters to Adele.

He is thrilled at the end product, saying: "I'm really happy with it. There are some really good songs on there. Why Me? Why Not has a much more sort of cinematic, visual feel to it which is a good thing. I think that's probably why we went for a very colourful sleeve as well."

While stand-out tracks from the album like Beatles tribute Meadow, the upbeat Now That I've Found You - a nod to Liam's daughter Molly - and indie stomp The River will be heard on his forthcoming tour, Liam is adding some 'new' Oasis selections to the set list.

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"We're going to do Sad Song, we'll have a crack at Gas Panic and we'll do Acquiesce too. The fans have been banging on at me for ages asking for that one but the problem is that Noel sang the chorus in that one. The fans have promised to belt out his bit so we'll see if they put their money where their mouth is."

But a reunion with his brother Noel isn't on the cards.

"I think those days are over man to be honest. In my head we should never have split up and I will always have the hump with Noel. I think he split up the band too early and I think it was for selfish reasons and I'm still scratching my head wondering what I did because I didn't kick his cat and I didn't try it on with his missus. So I might have cancelled a few gigs and stayed up a bit late and stuff what?

"We weren't S Club 7, we were a rock 'n' roll band. He wanted out and I think I got the blame. I'm here to spoil the party man, he's not the only Gallagher with a God-given right to write a song. I've got news for him … I'm here and I'm not going away."

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