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Lisa McGee: I know how Derry Girls will end

Exclusive: Writer's hopes as hit show returns


Writer Lisa McGee said she knows how the show will end

Writer Lisa McGee said she knows how the show will end

Writer Lisa McGee said she knows how the show will end

Series two hasn't even hit our screens yet, but the creator of hit comedy Derry Girls has already planned not only series three, but also how the show will end.

Writer Lisa McGee, who hails from the city where the Channel 4 series is set, told Sunday Life that she has enough storylines to keep the show going for some time.

The new series will hit our screens in less than two weeks.

"I think there is more to be told," she said. "Hopefully if this goes well, I'd love to do another one. There are enough stories for another one.

"I have a point where I would like to end it. I definitely have an end point I'd like to get to. I sort of thought I would follow the political broad story where I would like to take it. The girls will stay around that age, maybe get a year or two older. I would be disappointed if I didn't get to there."

The Channel 4 comedy follows schoolgirl Erin, played by Saoirse Monica-Jackson, in the 1990s and her friends, Clare (Nicola Coughlan), Michelle (Jamie-Lee O'Donnell), her cousin, Orla (Louisa Harland), and of course, the wee English fella, James, played by Dylan Llwellyn, as they try to deal with overbearing parents, unreasonable nuns at their convent school and, of course, boys.

The first series ended poignantly, with the five main characters dancing around their school hall, while at home Ma Mary, Da Gerry, Aunt Sarah and Granda Joe watch the aftermath of a bomb unfold on TV.

Created by Lisa and loosely based on her own teenage years growing up during the Troubles, Derry Girls was the most watched programme in Northern Ireland since records began, with an average of 519,000 viewers per episode.

But despite the show's runaway success, Lisa is still worried about how the second series will be received.

She admitted: "I wouldn't say I am confident. You just never know. Fingers crossed. It did an amazing thing last year in Northern Ireland and I don't want people to be disappointed. I just hope we do the same thing again."

Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Nicola Coughlan from the Channel 4 show Derry Girls and its writer Lisa McGee discuss the new series, which will air on March 5.

Derry Girls was recommissioned for a second series by Channel 4 right after the airing of its very first episode back in January 2018.

The second series is set roughly a year after the first ended. The series concludes with Bill Clinton's visit to Derry in 1995, which has been recreated for the show.

Speaking about what we can expect from series two, Lisa revealed: "It's against the backdrop of the beginnings of the peace process this time, but the gang are still getting in and out of trouble and still trying to grow up - but not very successfully."

Meanwhile, the stars had a disaster worthy of their characters' on-screen mishaps - nearly missing their own premiere in Derry's Guildhall.

Lisa and the majority of the cast attended the premiere last Monday, but nearly didn't make it when the airline Flybmi, which was due to bring them all from London, went bust days before, cancelling all their flights. The cast and crew of the show were among nearly 1,900 people affected by the news last weekend.

A Channel 4 insider revealed: "It did cause a massive headache. There was a real worry that we wouldn't be able to get them all over. Thankfully, we managed to get them all on new flights and get them to the premiere on time."

Last month, the show's main characters were immortalised in paint in a mural on display on the gable end of Badgers Bar & Restaurant in the city's Orchard Street.

Derry Girls returns to Channel 4 on March 5 at 9.15pm

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