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Lisburn murder house goes up for sale

Home at centre of brutal hockey stick murder on market for £140k

The house in Audley Avenue has gone on sale.
The house in Audley Avenue has gone on sale.
John Toner

By John Toner

A house involved in one of Northern Ireland's most notorious murders has gone up for sale.

The semi-detached home at 5 Audley Avenue in Lisburn was the scene of the brutal hockey stick slaying of Paul Gault by his wife Lesley Ann's lover Gordon Graham in 2000.

Graham bludgeoned Paul to death in an upstairs bedroom after lying in wait.

He smashed the stick into his love rival's face and battered him as he fell to the floor.

Devious Graham tried to make the planned killing look like a burglary gone wrong.

However, he was convicted of the murder in 2002 and sentenced to a minimum of 18 years in prison.

Mother of triplets Lesley Ann Gault was tried three times for the murder of her husband before finally being acquitted by a jury in 2004.

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The house with a gruesome past is now advertised for sale on property websites.

Offers of around £140,000 are being sought, with Lisburn-based estate agent Fred Dalzell & Partners handling the deal.

Lesley Anne Gault left the property, which has since had a number of occupants, some time ago.

The body of Paul Gault is removed from his home 19/5/00.
The body of Paul Gault is removed from his home 19/5/00.

She's now Lesley Anne Burke, having married Jeremy Burke, an Elim Church preacher.

The advertising blurb makes no mention of the house's bloody history.  

It describes it as: "A well presented semi detached property situated within this popular residential area just off the Belsize Road... located within walking distance to local shops, schools, train station and the city centre... conveniently placed for those wishing to commute."

Prior to murdering Paul Gault, Gordon Graham was a senior fire officer in Lisburn who led a comfortable life with an impressive home in Ballygowan.

He started a tempestuous affair with Lesley Ann Gault, who worked at his station, with the pair creeping back to Audley Avenue for sex.

After lying in wait at the house, Graham battered Gault to death with a hockey stick shortly after the dad-of-three (right) discovered the affair.

Lesley Gault
Lesley Gault

Fragments of glass from a broken back door window were found in Graham's shoe and shirt pocket and his DNA was discovered in a sports bag at the scene.

He was also caught lying, with a claim that he was shopping in Bow Street at the time of the murder disproved by CCTV footage from stores.

In April this year, Sunday Life revealed Gordon had been moved to cushy Burren House open prison on Belfast's Crumlin Road.

He is there to prepare for life on the outside, with his time in prison coming to an end.

Following the gruesome murder, Lesley Ann turned her back on her lover.

She told a jury she was plagued with guilt over the tryst and said: "I feel morally responsible for the death of my husband because of the affair I had."

Paul Gault
Paul Gault

Gault was sentenced to life in jail for murder, but her conviction was later quashed by the Court of Appeal.

Lord Chief Justice Sir Brian Kerr ruled that the jury had been misdirected and the conviction was unsafe.

When she stood trial for a third time, in Omagh Crown Court in October 2004, the jury found by a majority verdict that she had not played any part in the murder.

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