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Listeners cringe at Noel Thompson's 'Netflix and chill' gaffe with schoolgirl on Radio Ulster

Listeners cringe over question to teen

Noel Thompson
Noel Thompson

By Sarah Henderson

BBC presenter Noel Thompson caused a stir after asking a teenage schoolgirl if she knew about 'Netflix and chill'.

Unknown to the 61-year-old broadcaster, the term is an internet slang term for some form of sex, with Wikipedia describing it as "either as part of a romantic partnership or as a booty call".

Good Morning Ulster's Noel was interviewing a 17-year-old Co Antrim schoolgirl who spends most of her spare time volunteering and is the latest recipient of a Diana award, named in memory of the late Princess Di and which recognises a young person's social action and humanitarian work.

The schoolgirl was explaining her educational work with Women's Aid on topics such as domestic violence as well as work with Children In Need.

But the youngster was stunned to be interrupted by Noel asking: "Do you even recognise the term Netflix and chill?"

When she nervously replied "um, yeah" he laughed: "I'm just wondering with your schoolwork and all that other stuff, do you have down time, do you just sit around chatting to your friends, watching a bit of telly."

Listeners took to Twitter to tell Good Morning Ulster about the cringe-making gaffe with Mark Reel tweeting them: "Noel obviously doesn't know what 'Netflix and chill' actually means".

He also tweeted them a link to an internet description of it and Simon McCrory commented "so awkward". Tony Ferris said: "I think someone needs to explain Netflix and chill to Noel hahahaha". And a Twitter user called Aisling said: "Someone pull Noel from @BBCgmu to one side and tell him about 'Netflix and chill'. Oh no you didn't just ask a young girl about that! Lol."

Another called Kate asked "Did Noel just say Netflix and chill???" while Victor Sullivan said: "Middle aged man on @radioulster just asked a 17-year-old girl if she'd ever heard of Netflix and chill. Creeped me out."

A BBC spokeswoman said: "Noel was clearly not aware of any other connotation of this term and expanded his question immediately to ask the interviewee how she managed to fit watching television and relaxing with all her school and volunteering work."

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