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Man accused of Belfast bicycle theft spree appears in court


The man is accused of a bicycle theft spree.

The man is accused of a bicycle theft spree.

The man is accused of a bicycle theft spree.

A man has appeared in court accused of going on a bicycle theft spree in broad daylight.

Paul Patterson faces a total of 16 charges in relation to a spate of burglaries and attempted break-ins across south Belfast on Friday.

The 29-year-old is accused of five counts of attempted burglary, four counts of theft, three counts of burglary, three counts of interference with vehicles and one count of criminal damage.

A police officer told Belfast Magistrates’ Court on Saturday that the break-ins occurred in daylight and while several of the homes were occupied.

He said in one incident the home owner was alerted when her security camera on the front door was activated by a man trying to get into her garage.

In another break-in a man saw someone trying to get into a house on Mount Prospect Park, off the Lisburn Road.

The officer said he believed Patterson had gone from house to house stealing one bike, then leaving it and taking another, saying he “left a trail of bread crumbs”.

During interview he said he denied any involvement in any of the alleged offences, offering an explanation for the interference with vehicles by saying “he stumbled against them”.

The officer told the court he didn’t believe any of Patterson’s explanations for of the accusations levelled against him.

Applying for bail, his barrister said it wasn’t a straightforward application adding that Patterson believes the evidence against him is “very thin”.

He did say Patterson admits taking diazepam and that drugs may be an issue for him.

Refusing bail, District Judge Mark Hamill said it was, in fact, very straightforward as it was a “hopeless” application.

Patterson, of Runnymede Parade in south Belfast, was remanded in custody to appear again via videolink on August 3.

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