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Married PSNI officer suspended over alleged affair with vulnerable woman he arrested


Levi Mailey
Levi Mailey
Text messages

By John Toner

A POLICE officer has been suspended following allegations that he had a year-long affair with a young woman he arrested.

Levi Mailey (23) claims the married constable had regular sex with her while she was being investigated over criminal offences She says the affair began after he gave her his phone number and they began to exchange flirty messages which later became more explicit.

"He took me back to his house when his wife was out and we had sex in his bed," said Levi.

She says she later sent photos of herself lying on the bed to the officer's wife after she began to feel totally used by him.

Levi told Sunday Life the Police Ombudsman became involved after she told another officer at the same Co Antrim police station about her affair.

The PSNI last night confirmed a complaint about an officer allegedly having an affair with a female crime suspect had been referred to the Ombudsman's Office.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton said: "Following a complaint from a member of the public, this matter was referred to the office of the Police Ombudsman."

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Life, Levi Mailey revealed how her relationship with the married officer began and showed our reporter screenshots of hundreds of messages and images from him.

The officer at the centre of allegations

She says she has handed over the evidence to the Ombudsman's Office.

Levi - who has a number of minor criminal convictions - said the officer gave her his personal mobile number after arresting her.

She says they quickly struck up a relationship which progressed into weekly sex sessions.

"He would be wearing his uniform we he came round to my flat," she claimed.

Explaining an early meeting, she said: "l knew he was going to text me, he came round to my flat and pretended to give me a sheet of paper from the interview. He used that as an excuse to call round."

She says the next time he came round was to have oral sex while on duty.

"It became a regular thing, the first time I slept with him it was in my flat after a party," she said. "He used to meet me and get sexual acts outside and have sex with me outside.

"Then he moved it on to his own car. I was a bit nervous so I always had to be under the influence to do something.

"He was picking me up, sleeping with me and then dropping me home again."

But she said she she did not get any special treatment over the police investigation.

Levi said the officer told her falling in love with her was "easily done" but after about 12 months she felt "used".

"I got fed up as he was doing my head in," she said. "I felt used. Obviously he was taking advantage and using me. I was vulnerable and he knows that, he took advantage of that. I just felt like I had to end it.

Text messages

"It's destroyed a part of me. I'll not trust another man again. I'll not trust the police again."

The Police Ombudsman Office said: "The Police Ombudsman's Office can confirm that it is investigating an allegation that a police officer had an inappropriate relationship with a person who was involved in one of his investigations, and that the officer may have inappropriately accessed police information systems. The investigation follows a complaint from a member of the public. The officer has been suspended from his duties while the Police Ombudsman's investigation continues."

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