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Michael Conlan: No way is my son becoming a boxer - maybe golf would be a better option


Michael Conlan with wife Shauna, daughter Luisne and son Michael jnr.

Michael Conlan with wife Shauna, daughter Luisne and son Michael jnr.

Michael Conlan has won all 13 of his professional bouts.

Michael Conlan has won all 13 of his professional bouts.


Michael Conlan with wife Shauna, daughter Luisne and son Michael jnr.

There may be plenty to be frustrated about during this Covid-19 lockdown but Michael Conlan is loving daddy day care with Michael jnr - even if he fears his young son may seek to one day follow in his footsteps into the ring.

"Michael's two in July and, no word of a lie, he's throwing punches and showing the footwork - that's scary. He likes it too much for my liking - I don't want him boxing, no way," said Conlan, currently ranked the No.1 featherweight contender by the WBO.

Conlan's brother Jamie is currently working on Michael's return to the ring, which is expected to be behind closed doors, while the featherweight star is continuing to work hard in his gym in the garage, while also playing his part in looking after Michael jnr and daughter Luisne, even if he admits wife Shauna has the lead role.

The former world amateur champion says he is enjoying some "normal life" in contrast to the usual routine of training camps away from his family - even if his rise has been stalled by the coronavirus.

"The boxing life is an abnormal lifestyle. Only those who go through it know what it's like. I'm usually always away from home and missing out on time with my family so I'm turning this whole negative situation into a positive," said Conlan.

"With boxing you never know where you stand or what's around the corner so things are a bit more settled at the moment and I'm enjoying that. Shauna is dealing with Luisne's schoolwork and I'm having fun watching some boxing with Michael jnr.

"The only problem is he seems to enjoy it far too much. He'll go up to my dad's house and swing a right hand at him! It's funny seeing the way he can move and even when I want to be on my own watching he'll come into the room to make sure he can watch it with me. But I have to make sure he takes a different path - I think golf would be a good option!"

Behind the fun with Michael jnr, though, there is a serious side as Conlan says he has been developing his education of the sport by watching some of the greats.

Indeed, the Belfast man is adamant that when he returns to training with coach Adam Booth he will be bringing some new moves to his repertoire.

"I am convinced that I will come back to the ring a better fighter. I've been watching a lot of Terence Crawford and I've been fascinated how he has developed from the night he defeated Ricky Burns in 2014. I can see how my style is similar and how I can learn from him. There are some things he does that I know I can try out when things get back to normal," added Conlan.

"Then there are guys like Pernell Whitaker, Salvador Sanchez and Alexis Arguello - those guys were incredible and I've seen something in them all that I can use.

"So, I'm excited about the chance to go and try new things when I get back into a camp. I haven't just been sitting back and wasting time - I've been using it to make myself a better fighter.

"I've been able to work out in my gym and I've been doing some sprints. I'm actually quite pleased with how disciplined I've been, including my diet. In fact, I've been so good that Shauna says I've become boring.

"When lockdown eases and I can be back in camp I'll hit the ground running and if the fight is behind closed doors so be it - I just want to get going again."

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