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Nadine cheats death

Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle has told how she was almost gassed to death in a carbon monoxide leak at her LA mansion.

The Derry star revealed that her fiance and family were also nearly killed by the toxic vapour as it seeped from a broken boiler.

Speaking exclusively to Sunday Life, Nadine revealed how noxious fumes slowly filled her huge US home for FOUR MONTHS before her family realised what was making them ill.

The singer said: “We were sick as dogs from the gas for weeks and weeks. My oldest sister got so ill we all thought she was dying.

“It was the worst time of my life. We’re lucky to still be here.”

Nadine, 25, opened her heart about the near-tragedy last week — just 48 hours before Ulster businessman Killian Scallon was killed in a gas leak at his Fermanagh home.

For the full story, see this week's Sunday Life.

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