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Nathan Carter is looking for love in 2016

By Ali Gordon

Heart-throb Nathan Carter is on the lookout for love this year.

The Enniskillen-based country singer had a busy 2015, but is hoping the New Year will bring some new opportunities to meet the perfect person.

“I’m definitely looking for love this year, without a doubt,” Nathan told Sunday Life.

“You never really stop looking, do you?”

Nathan and fellow country singer Lisa McHugh went out in the early stages of their career before their schedules proved “too hectic”.

“I don’t get many days off to meet people and when I do, I’m usually sleeping or recuperating, or in the studio, so it’s hard.

“I’m a busy man, but I certainly won’t rule out finding someone in 2016. I’d love to.”

The 25-year-old Liverpudlian has established himself as Ireland’s top country singer since launching his career eight years ago.

But fans could be seeing more of him on television after he hosted The Nathan Carter Show on RTE last Wednesday.

“The show has had a massive response — it’s been amazing,” said the Wagon Wheel singer.

“I never thought I’d end up doing TV, but I really enjoyed it. RTE got in touch asking me if I’d be interested in doing the show and I said I’d love to.

“Then when we finished it, loads of people were coming up to me complimenting me from the TV company and RTE were saying that I should really consider a series, so we will hopefully continue talks soon.”

Filmed in Dublin’s Mansion House, Nathan performed with guests including The Dubliners’

John Sheahan, Mary Black,

Paddy Casey and The Shires.

“Maybe next year I’ll get some more presenting work,” he said.

“It would be something I’d certainly be interested in, so fingers crossed.

“I have a few ideas of guests that I would like to bring on and some things I’d like to try out.

“I have such a varying taste in music that I’d love to cover a range of artists on the show to make it a real variety show for the audience.”

Nathan admits that his rapidly growing fan base, from the 26 people who came to one of his first gigs in Ballymena to the 5,000 who turned up to support him in Cork last year, “continue to amaze” him.

“We did sell-out Christmas shows around Ireland and re-released the Christmas album which went to number four in the Irish charts. That was great, especially as it’s not new,” said Nathan who did an incredible 170 gigs in 2015.

“To be so close to the likes of Adele and One Direction in the chart was pretty cool.”

After a well-earned two-week break in Las Vegas and Cancun, Nathan will play five shows in the Republic of Ireland before going to Bangor Elim on January 23 for the first time.

“I get a bit bored when I’m not on the road,” he said.

“It’s great to see both new and old faces, but I’m still a bit overwhelmed by how many people actually pay the money to come and see our show.

“We still get the odd pair of underwear thrown on stage — thankfully clean ones — but I don’t keep them. I tend to throw them at the band members to embarrass them instead.”

And Nathan has given himself one New Year’s resolution.

“I’ve told myself I have to go to the gym more, but I said that last year and it didn’t happen. I have taken the step to actually join the gym in Enniskillen, but I’ve been twice and been a member for a month so it’s not looking good. We’ll see how it goes.”

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