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Nazi grandad "regrets" Swastika tattoo

Daughter defends Hitler fan father over his "proud" tag.

By Christopher Woodhouse

The daughter of a shamed loyalist who sported a Swastika tattoo at a Somme centenary parade last weekend says her father deeply regrets his Nazi marking.

Rebecca Millar leapt to the defence of her dad Ricky Millar after he was pictured in Sunday Life with a Swastika on his neck, saying he didn’t get the tattoo for Nazi-related reasons.

However, east Belfast grandad Millar has previously boasted of his neo-Nazi credentials and even claims to be a member of the violent white supremacist gang Combat 18 while also being an ardent supporter of the state of Israel.

Brass-necked Hitler-loving Millar, who is normally prolific on his numerous social media sites, has been keeping his head down.

But he was widely condemned and ridiculed after the image of him parading in memory of the dead of the 1916 battle went viral on social media.

He was branded ‘Thicky Millar’ and a ‘knuckle-dragging contradiction’ after he was snapped marching in Belfast city centre last weekend with his Swastika clearly visible over his shirt collar.

Brazen Millar was also wearing a poppy on his lapel along with a badge of the UVF-linked sectarian murder gang the Red Hand Commando.

He walked with members of the procession who were wearing armbands of the original UVF, which formed part of the 36th Ulster Division of the British army, thousands of whom died at the Somme.

Responding to one Facebook commentator, Rebecca Millar posted: “He’s not proud of the tattoo and he regrets it deeply.”

In reply to another she wrote: “I don’t agree with most of his views but that’s him. He’s his own person.

“He didn’t get the Swastika because it was anything to do with the war, he has other beliefs, see instead of talking down about him actually praise him for being there.”

But when Millar got his tattoo back in 2012 he took to Facebook to show it off, describing it as the “best tattoo ever”.

A friend then asked if he was still a member of the violent neo-Nazi organisation Combat 18 to which he replied “Oh yes love, sure you have to,” adding: “Hail Hitler, Hail victory”.

The white supremacist group has been behind racist attacks on immigrants in the United Kingdom over the years and once launched a nail bomb campaign against ethnic minorities.

Despite idolising the Nazi regime, which murdered six million Jews in the Holocaust, Millar is also an extreme supporter of the state of Israel.

In 2014 Millar posted online: “Israel should flatten Gaza. Long live Israel” and later put up an image of the Israeli flag.

Millar is also an ardent anti-republican and is believed to be behind a graffiti attack on an IRA memorial in Belfast’s Milltown Cemetery last month.

‘F*** the IRA’ and ‘Ulster forever’ were sprayed on a Provisional IRA monument at the end of May.

Millar posted a picture online of himself in the graveyard captioned: “We go where we want. Filthy Republican plot at Milltown with the poppy worn with pride. Oh the fun we had”.

His friend, Ernie Devlin, was also present and wrote under a picture of himself: “Me at the scum provie [sic] memorial plot in Milltown cemetery. Wish I had some bog roll but you want to see what I did to Thomas Begley’s name”.

Begley was killed in October 1993 when the bomb he was carrying went off prematurely, killing nine others.

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