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Newry kidnap charge man refused bail for Tenerife holiday


Stephen McEvoy refused bail at Newry Court for Tenerife holiday.

Stephen McEvoy refused bail at Newry Court for Tenerife holiday.

Stephen McEvoy refused bail at Newry Court for Tenerife holiday.

A man accused of kidnapping and threatening a drug dealer over an alleged £3,000 worth of missing pills and cannabis has been refused a bail variation to holiday in Tenerife.

Newry man Stephen McEvoy, 22, and two co-accused are charged with the offences from January 17 to 18.

The charges relate to an alleged injured party who told police he had been kidnapped and threatened for not being able to deal 5,000 diazepam and an amount of cannabis, as well as being punished for taking a quantity of the drugs for his own consumption.

The co-accused were said to have also threatened to burn the man’s house down.

High court bail conditions for McEvoy enforced a tagged curfew monitoring system to prevent him leaving the jurisdiction. He has been tagged since mid-January.

At Newry Magistrates’ Court last week McEvoy’s lawyer argued that other accused had already been successful in similar applications with one going to Disneyland Paris and the other to England, where he remains.

Counsel added that McEvoy’s girlfriend’s mother had already booked the one week holiday to the Canary Islands.

A PSNI constable outlined police objections.

The court heard McEvoy previously had his bail varied to allow him to work from 5am but police said he did not take a job.

“He would not be a suitable candidate to have his tag taken off,” added the officer.

District judge Eamonn King alluded to the cost of the tagging system being a factor in his judgement.

“He has been tagged to his address at a cost of about £1,500 and for it to be taken off and put back on would probably cost another £1,500, a considerable cost to the public funds,” said Mr King.

“The holiday was booked when they knew he was tagged. Is the person who booked the holiday going to pay fore the tag to be removed?”

The case was adjourned to June 15 for an update for all three co-accused.

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