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Anger at loyalist's 'UDA flags for NHS' sale stunt

Alan Stewart

This is the man selling UDA flags on Facebook in a twisted bid to raise money for the NHS - and who claims to be a council employee.

Alan "Young Bert" Stewart posted a picture of the newly-made terror flags last week, shamelessly flogging them for £10 each.

Stewart - who claims to work for Causeway, Coast and Glens Borough Council - proudly announced that 40% of sales would be donated to health workers battling the deadly coronavirus pandemic despite the UDA's grim history of terrorism and crime.

He said: "Posting on behalf of a mate. Whatever ur religion, belief or hatred towards any organisations are please keep any negative comments or reactions to yourself or you'll be blocked straight away, he's trying to do a good deed here.

"He had ordered loads of these to sell for £10 each but has decided 40% of all money collected from sales WILL BE donated to the NHS.

"They are still £10 each and still a lot of flags left. As I say it's all for a good cause, the more that's sold the better we all need to help the NHS in some way, shape or form during these hard times.


Alan Stewart Facebook post

Alan Stewart Facebook post

Alan Stewart Facebook post

"I'll say it again please keep any f***ing negativity to yourself. This post will be set to public so it can be shared. PM me if interested and I'll pass you on to him to PM you."

The post was circulated on social media last week with many people expressing outrage and incredulity. It has since been removed from public view on Mr Stewart's profile.

Mr Stewart, who also claims to be a Queen's University graduate, has several pictures of himself posing with UDA flags on his Facebook profile as well as pictures of armed men in paramilitary dress. His profile also carries the caption: "f**k off snow flakes this ain't the page for you."

Independent councillor for The Glens, Padraig McShane (48), called the flag sale a disgrace, saying he had been contacted by alarmed residents last week.

He said: "A number of constituents had made me aware of this post quite quickly last week and we don't want anybody like that representing the council.

"This absolute garbage is illegal paraphernalia and we don't want it associated with Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.

"We will do as much as we can to make sure it has nothing to do with this organisation and draw a clear line under the issue.

"As such I am writing to the chief executive to get it looked into and to make sure, if he was directly employed or a member of agency staff, that he isn't re-employed.

"A lot of council and agency staff were laid off due to the coronavirus and he may well have been one of them.

"It's about being robust and issuing a warning to future potential employees and recruitment agencies who are bringing us people. Are they carrying out proper background checks? If not, should they be?

"It's about trying to make sure this sort of thing doesn't continue to be a problem for us and others."

Although Stewart claims to be a council worker, a spokesman for Causeway, Coast and Glens Borough Council said: "I can confirm Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council has no employees or agency workers with that name."

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