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Ashton Kutcher falls for Frozen tantrum tot's Belfast accent

Three-year-old Skye Gracey became an overnight internet sensation when her parents uploaded footage of her throwing a strop as her rendition of the main song from the hit Disney film was interrupted.

And now the adorable Belfast toddler has caught the eye of Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher.

Three-year-old Skye Gracey was filmed by her parents throwing a strop and telling them off because they interrupted her singing her favourite song from Disney movie Frozen while dressed as its lead character Queen Elsa.

The cute footage has now been viewed an amazing 6.5 million times around the globe, and one of those to watch it was Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher.

Taking to his Facebook page last week, the actor shared the video and wrote, “I like her accent”.

This prompted thousands of his fans from across the world to share and comment on the side-splitting footage.

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