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Bad break for alleged armed robber as suspect taken away in cuffs and cast after raid on Lurgan filling station


Medics lead Michael Evans to an ambulance

Medics lead Michael Evans to an ambulance

Medics lead Michael Evans to an ambulance

This is an alleged armed robber said to have smashed a till before he smashed his ankle.

Pictured just after he allegedly robbed the Bellevue Filling Station in Lurgan, his hometown, 28-year-old Michael Evans had his leg in an inflatable cast often used by paramedics called to the scene of suspected fractures.

His ankle was not the only part of Evans that was not mobile. A closer look at our image shows that he was taken to hospital in handcuffs.

Appearing at Lisburn Magistrates Court by videolink from police custody last weekend, the defendant manoeuvred himself into a chair using crutches, groaning in pain as he sat down.

Evans, of Drumnamoe Garden, is charged with robbing £706 and causing criminal damage.

A prosecuting lawyer told the court that a masked man carrying a hammer entered the shop, demanded money from staff, smashed a Perspex screen and then ran behind the counter to force open the cash register.

The robber then went out the back and jumped over a fence, seemingly unaware of the significant drop down to a railway track on the other side.

The police found the defendant on the other side of the fence a short time later, arresting him and calling an ambulance to treat his injuries.

A short distance away, officers also discovered £705 in notes, a pound coin and clothing that matched a description of what the robber had been wearing.

A PSNI officer told the court police were objecting to Evans being freed on bail because they were concerned he would commit crimes or interfere with witnesses in the case.

She added that the defendant had shown “a complete disregard” for members of public in his alleged crime.

Defence solicitor Chris Logue accepted that the allegations against his client were very serious.

However, he urged the court to release him on bail, suggesting that the accused’s injuries were surely serious enough to assuage police concerns.

“He can’t walk, so it would be physically impossible for him to commit further offences,” he said.

He added his client had an appointment in hospital this Thursday.

“They have all sorts of surgery to do to sort this mess of a leg out. If he is in prison, he would be in isolation, so I have no idea what would happen to that appointment,” Mr Logue explained.

But District Judge Eamonn King said: “The words that come to my mind are, have your ever heard the expression ‘Look before you leap’? I don’t know what the medical consequences are, but that’s something he should’ve considered before embarking on this enterprise.”

He refused bail due to the risk of offences and witness interference, and adjourned the case to August 13.

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