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Bangor on high alert after pervert makes several attempts to abduct local children

PSNI hunt child sex creep

By Ali Gordon

Police are hunting a pervert who is believed to have carried out a series of terrifying child abduction attempts in North Down.

One frightened mum from Bangor is urging parents to be vigilant, claiming the creep touched himself in front of her young daughter and a pal while they played outside.

The man, described as being in his 30s and around 5ft 7in, tried to lure one of the 10-year-old girls down an alleyway near Rostrevor Drive in the Kilcooley area before unfastening his belt — just yards away from a primary school.

“We’re just lucky the girls had the sense not to go with him, but obviously they’re shaken up about it,” one parent, who does not wish to be named to protect the identity of her child, told Sunday Life.

“He began to pleasure himself and then tried to lure one of them down the alleyway.

“Thankfully they ran away to a nearby house and the police were called.


“It could have been so much worse but I’d hate to think that more could have happened and this isn’t an isolated incident in Bangor.”

Last week three similiar incidents were reported to PSNI in the Co Down seaside town over a period of two days.

The others occurred last Tuesday, one hour apart, around the Kircubbin Gardens and Glastry Court areas of Kilcooley estate.

“It was a terrifying ordeal for my child — it’s every

parent’s worst nightmare,” said the mum-of-two.

“We need urgent action before this man’s behaviour escalates even further and someone’s child ends up seriously assaulted or even worse.

“A lot of pressure was put on  the PSNI because I was really very upset at the start when the PSNI put out their initial social media statement with very little information.

“But we’ve been really lucky to have the support of Councillor Jimmy Menagh, MLA Alex Easton and PSCP members Louise Little and Alison Blayney, along with a few other people, and the PSNI eventually issued a much more detailed account of the events on Tuesday evening.

“It’s important that the facts are on social media so that other parents can be made aware of what’s going on on our streets.

“My child attended the specialist children’s unit during the week and the female PSNI officers there were absolutely fantastic with my little girl and made her feel so secure and welcome.”

She added: “I just feel that if these incidents happened in a middle or upper class area there would be uproar but it seems like working class communities like Kilcooley and Rathgill have become a dumping ground for convicted sex offenders.


“They wouldn’t rehouse a sex offender in Helen’s Bay so why should it be okay for our kids to have to play in the midst of convicted sexual offenders that have been rehoused in the local community?

“About 20 local men were out on the streets on Sunday and Monday night after the incidents but it shouldn’t be left up to ordinary people to walk the streets to try and find an alleged predator in our community.”

District Commander Superintendent Brian Kee said: “These are very serious matters and the manner in which these children have been approached is utterly shocking. I can only imagine how distressing this was for the children and their parents.

“These incidents have caused a great deal of concern amongst parents in the area.

“Police officers will be patrolling the area to give reassurance to residents and to try and identify this man.”

To give information, the PSNI are urging people to call 101 and ask to speak to detectives in Bangor or alternatively call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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