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BBC Northern Ireland's Stephen Nolan a victim of £22k credit card scam

Man accused of using credit card details for spending spree

By Ciaran Barnes

Broadcaster Stephen Nolan has been named as the victim of a credit card con that almost fleeced him out of more than £22,000.

The man suspected of ripping off BBC NI’s biggest star is an aspiring radio DJ who dreamed of hosting “the biggest show in the country” just like his idol.

Superfan John ‘Jay' Cartmill, 32, is accused of two counts of trying to swindle Nolan out of a cool £22,305.

Stephen Nolan has never met the former restaurant owner and wannabe celebrity who is charged with dishonestly obtaining two of the TV star's credit card numbers.

Cartmill is accused of using the wealthy presenter's personal accounts with two credit card firms to withdraw money and buy thousands of pounds of goods.

The first alleged series of thefts occurred between February and March 2011 and amounted to £16,084.

 The second batch took place the following month and totalled £6,231.

It is alleged the cards were then used on a £22,305 spending spree.

When contacted last night, Stephen Nolan confirmed that he has been the victim of identity theft.

He also confirmed that he does not know nor has never met Cartmill.

He declined to add any further comment as the case is ongoing.

Originally from the Glencolin area of west Belfast, balding Cartmill used to manage an ill-fated restaurant at the Trinity Lodge club in the nearby Turf Lodge district.


When that went belly-up he took to the road with best mate and ex-Citybeat DJ Robin Elliott as a former manager of Strictly Promotions, which held X Factor-style talent contests across Northern Ireland.

 Along with Mr Elliott he toured pubs and clubs as a self-styled Simon Cowell on the hunt for the next One Direction.

Cartmill loved nothing more to cosy up to local celebs for photographs, and last year was pictured at former Cool FM presenter Joe Ferguson's side.

“Jay always dreamed of being the next Stephen Nolan,” said a friend.

“How ironic is it that he has now been charged with ripping-off his idol?”

The fraud accused will appear in Belfast Magistrates Court on March 3.

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