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'Beast of Bangor' Gary McNeill faces jail and exile after abusing little girl

Gary McNeill

A paedophile dubbed "the Beast of Bangor" is facing jail after he admitted abusing a little girl.

Gary McNeill, who previously had UDA links, will be sentenced at Belfast Crown Court on Friday after he pleaded guilty to a single charge of sexual assault.

The attack happened while the youngster was in the pervert's company last August. She later complained to a family member of feeling sore when using the toilet.

This alarmed her relative who immediately contacted the PSNI. Medical examinations of the little girl found she had been the victim of sexual abuse.

McNeill, who was living at a flat on Rathgill Avenue in Bangor at the time, was arrested and charged. He initially denied any wrongdoing following a court appearance in Newtownards.

But the predator has since pleaded guilty to sexual assault, sparing his victim's family the torment of having to endure a trial.

A relative of the little girl told Sunday Life that as soon as the allegations against McNeill became known, he was shunned by everyone in Bangor.

He said: "The girl was only in that scumbag's company for a short time. What kind of monster is he to do that on a little girl?

"The people of Northern Ireland should take a good look at Gary McNeill's face and remember it for when he gets out of prison because he is a danger to children."

McNeill is currently on remand at Maghaberry Prison having been told that he is under threat from loyalist paramilitaries. He has also been warned of a risk from other inmates in the jail.

The paedophile did have links to the UDA but these ties were severed by the terror gang when it became aware that he had been charged with child sex offences.

A UDA source told this newspaper: "At one point McNeill was well thought of by the organisation, but that's obviously not the case now.

"He will never be able to come back to Bangor or the surrounding area after this, his name is mud in the town. People are calling him the Beast of Bangor, which is a fitting title after what he did."

The sexual assault of the very young girl is not the first offence that McNeill has committed - he also has a lengthy criminal record which includes entries for violence.

The sex offender has previously blamed his appalling behaviour on issues with drugs and alcohol. However, sources are adamant that cannot explain the abuse of a child.

"There will be a lot of people in the public gallery to see McNeill sentenced on Friday," added another North Down loyalist.

"If there is any justice in this world, he will go to prison for a very long time."

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