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Belfast dad shared sick Facebook posts before beating the mother of his children

By Ali Gordon

These are the sickening Facebook posts Caolim Baker shared before attacking the young mother of his two children.

Caolim Baker walked free from Laganside Crown Court last month despite beating Kirsty Morrison in her home for around half an hour.

“He wrote on Facebook not long before he came to my house that a life sentence in jail was ‘wee buns’ and you only get a life sentence for murder,” Kirsty told Sunday Life.

“Judging from those Facebook posts, he planned to come and murder me.

“He also sent me a message about 45 minutes before he came to my house, which the police have, and told me he loved me and he will always love me no matter what.

“Then he landed at my door and beat me.”

Baker, 21, from Skegoneill in north Belfast, was handed a nine-month prison sentence suspended for two years for a string of offences, including assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage.


In the months leading up to the attack, which left Kirsty unrecognisable to the couple’s young children, Baker posted a series of threatening messages, which she believes were directed at her.

In a Facebook status written in July 2014, Baker allegedly accused Kirsty, 23, of lying before saying ‘Go on upload the bruises cuts and black eyes and busted noses from me batin ya... Bloon [balloon] stop seekin attention just cause ur a slut’.

He also shared a snap which said: “My ex? Yeah, I’d still hit that. Only this time, it’d be with a car or a baseball bat.”

Kirsty, who had an on/off relationship with the woman-beater for four-and-a-half years after meeting him on social media, said: “He was never the best boyfriend — he cheated on me every weekend and didn’t want to know my kids unless it suited him.

“Drink, drugs and other girls always came before my kids did.

“We did have good days of the relationship but there were more bad.

“I can never say he beat me before as he didn’t but we had wee fights here and there.

“I was just so shocked at what he did to me on New Year’s Eve 2014.”

The beauty therapy student added: “He broke into my house in the Woodvale with a knife. My best friend Caitlin was with me and she was in shock, she didn’t know what to do, so she left the house to try and get help.

“It took the police about 30 minutes to get to my house to help me and he beat me the whole time.

“He started to beat me in the kitchen, then it moved to the hall and ended up in the living room — he beat me around the house.

“He kept threatening to kill me and told me if he didn’t he’ll be back to finish me off.

“As he was beating me, he said to me ‘I’ll make sure no one ever wants you again’.”

Shameless Baker even contacted Sunday Life in a bid to stop this newspaper running this story.

“I’m not saying that it’s not wrong what happened, but Kirsty’s going around saying she’s having nightmares when she’s not,” Baker, who pleaded guilty in court, told Sunday Life.

“It hasn’t [had an effect on her] because she’s been with me since it happened with the kids and she’s been texting me.

“She was away with me in Portrush with the kids in the June afterwards so it’s not affecting her.”

A female relative of Baker’s also contacted Sunday Life to say it had been a troubled relationship, and the court had been made aware of this.

But Kirsty believes Baker’s sentence was too lenient.


She said: “I believe he’s not fussed at all — he’s all over Facebook saying I’m telling lies. Is my face all lies as well? If it was all lies he wouldn’t have been charged and pleaded guilty to all the charges.

“My face was so bad that my kids were afraid of me afterwards, they didn’t really recognise me. It was so heart breaking.

“My wee son was too young at the time to understand anything, but I told my little girl and it was hard to explain to her. I did try my hardest to explain what I could though.

“Me and my family do everything and more for my kids and my new boyfriend has been there as a daddy figure now since it all happened.

“What if Caolim goes out and beats some other poor girl or beats other girls and they are to scared to speak out?

“There needs to be more justice for women who are the victims of violence by men,” said Kirsty who posted photographs of her facial injuries on social media.

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