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exclusive Belfast paedodophile hunter Kenny Abbott denies claims he is a child abuser


Kenny Abbott

Kenny Abbott

Kenny Abbott

A self-styled hunter of paedophiles has vehemently denied rumours he is a child abuser himself.

Kenny Abbott (46) is the founder and organiser of Nonce Catchers NI, one of the most prolific paedophile-hunting groups in Northern Ireland, but has recently found himself embroiled in online accusations of child abuse.

Rumours circulated on social media that Mr Abbott abused a 15-year-old child in 2012, but the prolific paedo-hunter has hit out at those behind the claims.

Speaking exclusively to Sunday Life, he said: "My head is all over the place at the minute, my head is wrecked with all these allegations coming up again. This was all cleared up years ago.

"I'm concerned about my own safety after all this has come back up again. These are false allegations and I am innocent. I have never raped anybody; I cannot express enough how innocent I am.

"I will do any lie detector test to prove it; I've been screaming out for a lie detector to make sure everybody knows I never touched anybody like that. We were going to go on Jeremy Kyle but the subject matter wasn't deemed appropriate.

"All this is made worse by the fact I was raped three times as a child - to be accused like this is devastating.

"I started paedo-hunting because of the abuse I suffered. That's why I am so passionate about paedo-hunting; it started to become quite therapeutic as I learned how to do the stings and helped bring paedos to justice.

"This is all basically a vendetta against me. Every single one of my accusers has either had their kids taken into care or been put out of Belfast for being hoods."

Men that have been targeted for stings by Nonce Catchers NI have been from a wide range of backgrounds - including the legal profession, politics and with links to local sport.

The group say they have 'hunted' in both loyalist and republican areas with the support of local communities and also revealed women suspected of being paedophiles have been in their sights, too.

Kenny fronts the group and is open about his own past troubles, having gone off the rails after being a victim of abuse himself from the age of just eight.

In a candid interview, Mr Abbott also admitted he did have sex with a 17-year-old around the time of the alleged incident but insisted he had committed no crime and revealed his shame over the encounter.

He added: "I was never charged because it was all lies, this was and has been a malicious campaign and they are trying to destroy me. For why I don't know, I don't get it. They are scumbags.

"At the end of the day she was 17 and I slept with her once. I told everybody and didn't deny it.

"It wasn't illegal, although it was morally wrong and I admit that, but I am not a paedo.

"I have received threats as a result of this coming up again. She was 17, not 15 or 14 as some people have claimed. I swore to God after I would never go near her again."

Mr Abbott also took to social media to lash out at the rumour-mongers.

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