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Belfast woman with over 60 pets facing animal welfare charges


African grey parrot. Photo: PA

African grey parrot. Photo: PA

African grey parrot. Photo: PA

A Belfast woman is facing dozens of charges over a vast collection of wild animals and regular domestic pets found in her terrace home.

Phyllis Burns is said to have had more than 60 pets including snakes, parrots, reptiles and other creatures, according to court papers.

Burns, of Rosapenna Walk in the north of the city, is facing 19 charges relating to the welfare of the animals, including five of causing unnecessary suffering.

She’s alleged to have kept her pets in conditions which council inspectors claim broke the law.

Burns had:

• six corn snakes;

• seven bearded dragon lizards;

• three tortoises;

• African grey parrots;

• 12 Chihuahuas;

• six Yorkshire terriers;

• a St Bernard dog;

• a West Highland terrier;

• three cats;

• chickens;

• eight finches;

• two lovebirds; and

• three degus (Chilean rodents).

She is accused of five charges of causing unnecessary suffering to the corn snakes, lizards, tortoises and two African grey parrots, as well as 14 charges of failing to ensure the needs of her animals were met.

The case is due to be mentioned at Belfast Departmental Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

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