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‘Body in the bin' survivor's ordeal: They carved up Adam with satanic symbols


Adam Robinson’s parents Mervyn and Wilma have revealed the full gruesome story about their son’s torture

Adam Robinson’s parents Mervyn and Wilma have revealed the full gruesome story about their son’s torture



Teri Lau

Teri Lau

Paula Wilson

Paula Wilson

Roddy Patterson

Roddy Patterson

Paula Wilson

Paula Wilson

Photopress Belfast

Maisie the dog, who saved the life of Adam Robinson

Maisie the dog, who saved the life of Adam Robinson

Photopress Belfast

Adam Robinson’s parents Mervyn and Wilma have revealed the full gruesome story about their son’s torture

Body-in-the-bin survivor Adam Robinson had satanic-style symbols carved into his head and body after he was innocently lured to a devil worshippers’ drugs party.

The Ballymena man’s shocked parents Wilma and Mervyn confirmed the occult markings, telling Sunday Life: “They were etched into his skin with a knife.

“The only way to describe them would be that they looked satanic.

“These lines and drawings were all over Adam’s entire body. There was even three scraped into his forehead.”

Paramedics noticed the bizarre symbols after a dog-walker found Adam’s lifeless body dumped in a sealed wheelie-bin that was hidden in dense undergrowth in the Sentry Hill area of Ballymena.

Last Tuesday Teri Lau and James ‘Roddy’ Patterson, both aged 27, pleaded guilty to assaulting and falsely imprisoning him during a drink and drugs party in the Dunclug estate.

Paula Wilson, 21, admitted aiding and abetting false imprisonment.

Charges of attempted murder against all three were left on the books.

The September 2013 torture of popular Adam and subsequent attempt to dispose of his body in a wheelie bin stunned Northern Ireland.

Now, for the first time Sunday Life can reveal exactly what went on at the house of horrors party including how:

  • Innocent Adam was lured there by ‘Girl From Hell’ Paula Wilson;
  • He was spiked with drugs to render him unconscious and stripped naked;
  • Bizarre satanic-style symbols were carved into Adam’s body with a knife.
  • 60ft of masking tape was used to seal him upside down in a wheelie-bin where he was kept prisoner for 12 hours.

Adam’s last memory of the Dunclug drugs party is going to the bathroom where he was assaulted by Teri Lau and Roddy Patterson.

“I was speaking to Adam on the phone at 7pm on the Monday and he was okay, so the attack happened not long after that,” said his mum Wilma. “Lau and Patterson knocked him into the bath, smashed his head off the taps, and kicked him so hard they left trainer imprints on his body.”

Adam’s dad Mervyn added: “They then cut off all his clothes with scissors and used a knife to make the slashes all over his body.

“The only way to describe them would be like satanic.”

Adam, who hardly knew Lau or Patterson, was lured to the Dunclug party by Paula Wilson, whom he only met the previous day.

“He took a fancy to Paula Wilson and she brought him along.

“My son had no idea what he was walking into,” said his mother Wilma.

Sources in Ballymena told Sunday Life that drug user Teri Lau, the thug who admits assaulting Adam, is well known around north Antrim for his “strange” interests.

One local said: “Lau is known to speak openly about satanism and is covered in weird tattoos. The talk is that he is a devil worshipper.”

Detectives believe it was a drugged-up Lau who carved the satanic-like symbols the entire length of an unconscious Adam’s naked body.

Thinking his victim was dead, Lau, with Patterson’s help, stuffed the 21-year-old head first into a blue wheelie bin.

They then then pushed it half a mile from the Dunclug estate to a secluded part of Sentry Hill.

Once there, they wedged the bin next to a tree to prevent the lid being opened from the inside.

Before leaving Lau and Patterson wrapped an entire 60ft roll of masking tape, which they had bought earlier, around the top of the bin to further entrap Adam in a tiny air pocket.

He was stuck there for 12 hours until a dog walker heard his screams, pulled him from the bin and phoned police and paramedics.

“Only for the grace of God did that man walk past and save Adam.

“My son owes his life to him,” Mervyn Robinson told Sunday Life.

“Adam was running out of oxygen and I dread to think what would have happened had he been trapped in that bin any longer.”

When Adam was rescued he was beginning to turn blue and was covered in cuts, bruises and had suffered internal organ damage.

Wilma and Mervyn say that bottle blonde Paula Wilson was the “driver” for the vicious attack on their son, pointing to how a video of another torture style assault was found on her mobile phone.

“She was the one who lured Adam to the party, and we believe she is the one who encouraged Teri Lau and Roddy Patterson,” said Mervyn. “We believe Adam may have been spiked with drugs on the night to knock him unconscious so they could carry out the attack and carve the symbols into his body.”

Lau and Patterson are currently on remand in Maghaberry Prison awaiting sentencing next month. Paula Wilson, who lives in a flat in Cullybackey, is out on bail. No one was at her address when Sunday Life called earlier in the week.

As well as being sentenced for aiding and abetting the false imprisonment of Adam Robinson, she also risks jail for an earlier attack involving a vulnerable woman.

When cops arrested Wilson in September 2013 over the body-in-the-bin torture, they seized her mobile phone.

On examination it was found to contain a short video she had made at a house party of three men dry-shaving the head of a partially clothed vulnerable young woman.

On the video Paula Wilson could be heard laughing throughout the attack as Nathan Telford, 21, Alister William Hamilton, 22, and Paul Joshua Balmer, 42, joked about giving their victim a “baldy”.

All four are due to be sentenced next month for the assault.

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