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Bullying forces online influencer Tiffany Brien to quit Instagram


Tiffany Brien

Tiffany Brien

Kevin Scott

Tiffany Brien

Former Miss Northern Ireland Tiffany Brien has quit Instagram due to online bullying from trolls.

The fitness blogger and online brand influencer had over 64,000 followers on Instagram but closed her account yesterday saying she was the victim of bullying but claiming she had "won".

Posting on her Instagram story, just before deleting her presence on the platform, the 29-year-old estate agent from Holywood said: "These people who do this don't just do it to me, they do it to other influencers also.

"What these people do is so dangerous, it is bullying. It causes serious mental health issues and they have no idea how their actions affect people personally.

"These folk may also think they've 'won' because I am turning around and saying I'm no longer going to be on Instagram.

"In my eyes I have won (if you want to put it like this) as for them this was a game, they watched every move I made and made comment on everything I did, everything with a negative & hateful twist.

"I have never been as happy as I am now with my life and I want to enjoy it. Yes the trolls of this world have led me to make my life totally private. So in my eyes I have 'won' as I am happy and they will not have the pleasure of seeing my life to make comment on it."

Former Miss Ireland and Belfast model Rebecca Maguire leapt to the defence of her friend, reposting her comments with the caption: "Just to clarify… if you abuse someone online you are a BULLY. It's disgusting. What happened to #BeKind has anyone (sic) forgot what happened to Caroline Flack?"

"Me and Tiffany Brien go way back. It's hilarious when I think of when I met Tiffany at Miss NI. I was a wee west Belfast girl and he (sic) was so posh. I had never met anyone like that before (not joking) she was also always so determined and of course beautiful.

"By some stroke of luck we ended up travelling to Miss World together in 2012. We became friends against all the odds and although we haven't always seen eye to eye I can tell you that I know Tiffany and she is ONE OF THE HARDEST WORKING girls I know… honestly."

She added: "Unfortunately people are jealous and hate. But when you hate online and make someone feel awful you are a BULLY and it needs to stop!!!!!!!!!"

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