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Cave Hill naked pictures: Belfast glamour photographer defends Nadine Poole's nude snaps

By Sara Girvin

A Belfast glamour photographer has defended naked Cave Hill model Nadine Poole and slammed the controversy surrounding her al fresco photoshoot, saying: “Everyone needs to wise up.”

Last week, Sunday Life exclusively revealed that 26-year-old Hillsborough beauty Nadine was the woman spotted by ramblers during a nude shoot at the north Belfast beauty spot.

Now, it is understood the platinum blonde mum-of-one has fled the country until things die down.

The story made headlines after a witness spotted stunning glamour and swimsuit model Nadine flaunting her E cup assets for a photographer at one of the distinctive caves.

“She was posing on a rock and all sorts of poses, glamour sort of stuff,” the angry onlooker said.

“I couldn’t see any detail from where I was but it was obvious it wasn’t anything tasteful.


“She climbed up into the cave at one point, legs splayed out.”

The walker said other hikers and runners stumbled across the scene and turned back in disgust after they saw what was happening.

Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland said he was “outraged” on hearing about the shoot, labelling it “totally inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour”.

But Nadine’s friend and photographer Stephen Duffin, who has snapped her on numerous occasions, said: “I  think everyone needs to get a life.

“There are very few other countries where this would even be a story.

“As for Nelson McCausland being outraged, I would like to think that he has more to occupy his time when there’s plenty in Northern Ireland that requires his attention.

“As we speak, there is no doubt a Belfast glamour shoot is happening somewhere outdoors — it really isn’t a big deal.”

Specialising in glamour photography since 2004, Stephen has photographed Nadine in racy outfits at city landmarks including Victoria Square and Waterfront Hall. His images are syndicated and feature in publications around the world.

“Nadine is a lovely girl and so unassuming and modest,” he said.

“When she’s not modelling she dresses really casually in tracksuits, jeans and flat shoes.

“Nadine has an amazing figure and she trains very hard to maintain that. If I was her I’d be very proud.”

He added: “There is a massive difference between a glamour or fine art photoshoot, and public indecency.

“I know what people are saying about Nadine’s Cave Hill shoot but from what I’ve heard it was a fine art shoot and I would love to see the images because I bet they are amazing.”


Stephen conducts many outdoor shoots with glamour models and said that while he always hopes to go unnoticed by members of the public, sometimes they do stumble across his raunchy shoots.

“My photoshoots are discreet and professional,” he said. “Sometimes it can’t be helped and you do see people but I never get hassle — people are just curious mostly and once they find out what’s happening they’re fine.”

While Stephen says he’s not the only glamour photographer working in Northern Ireland, he is one of the only snappers here who will openly put his name to his work.

“If you like what I do, great — if not then I don’t really care,” he said.

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