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Centenary poll: People from NI more likely to cross Irish border than southern counterparts


TRAVEL: 41pc of southern Ireland residents have never come north

TRAVEL: 41pc of southern Ireland residents have never come north

TRAVEL: 41pc of southern Ireland residents have never come north

Travel across the border isn't quite a one-way street but the new Sunday Life opinion poll has found northerners are more likely to venture south than their counterparts in the Republic are to head in the opposite direction.

The survey said that the main reasons for crossing the border in both directions were for leisure, travel and tourism.

Some 75 per cent of northerners said they were the prime factors behind them heading south where thousands of them have holiday homes, particularly in Donegal.

In the Republic 53pc of people said leisure, travel/tourism were what also mostly attracted them to journey north.

Visiting family was listed as a reason for crossing the border by 21pc of southerners while 15pc said they went north to see friends.

Interestingly, the survey also found that 41pc of southern responders had never crossed the border into Northern Ireland.

Forty four pc of the ones who had made the journey said they did so between one and five times a year.

In the north 16pc of people surveyed said they had never travelled to the Republic while 51 pc of the responders who had crossed the border did so up to five times a year.

The responses showed that 42pc of southerners gave shopping as their motivation for travelling into Northern Ireland where towns like Newry, Enniskillen and Londonderry have long benefited from cross-border trade.

A total of 32pc of survey responders in Northern Ireland said they went shopping down south while another 27pc said they visited family in the Republic with another 19pc listing trips to see friends.

Business trips accounted for 12pc of south-north trips while the figure the other way was 5pc.

The survey conducted by Kantar said: "Northerners are much more likely to cross for leisure or travel/tourism - in some ways it is geographically easier for them to cross the border than for many people in the Republic.

"One notable exception is that southerners are much more likely to travel north for retail purposes".

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