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Child abductor Dale Walsh accused of setting up fake Facebook account

Justice Department seeking to have pervert’s licence revoked


Dale Walsh

Dale Walsh

Dale Walsh

Dale Walsh


Dale Walsh

A dangerous paedophile who was previously jailed for twice abducting a schoolgirl has set up a fake Facebook account, a court has been told.

Devious sex offender Dale Walsh (26) — who uses the alias Ross Hill on Facebook — also started a relationship with an unsuspecting ‘vulnerable’ woman who knew nothing of his chilling convictions.

Walsh, formerly from Newtownabbey but now with an address at a hostel in Portadown, appeared in court on Wednesday by video-link from police custody.

He was charged with four offences of breaching court orders between September 29 and October 25 this year.

Walsh, classified as a level three offender, meaning that he is a high risk of committing further offences and causing serious harm, faces three charges of breaching his judge -imposed Sexual Offences Prevention Order (Sopo).

He is also accused of breaching the requirements of the sex offenders’ register.

He is alleged to have breached the Sopo by having an internet-capable device without permission, using Facebook without permission and by entering a relationship with a woman without verifiable disclosure of his convictions.

A prosecuting lawyer objecting to bail revealed the Department of Justice was taking steps to revoke the pervert’s prison licence.

She told Craigavon Magistrates Court that Walsh had “13 or 14 breaches of the order,” adding that while there is “no issue with him having such a device,” the problem was that he had not sought permission from his designated risk manager.

He had also not told his risk manager about a new relationship he had begun with a “vulnerable” female while police enquiries also revealed he had set up a Facebook profile in the name of Ross Hill.

In addition to his licence being potentially revoked, the court heard that Walsh has also lost his hostel place because “they believe that he can no longer be safely managed in the community… he is a high risk sex offender”.


Dale Walsh

Dale Walsh

Dale Walsh

Previous courts have heard that Walsh had been assessed as a category three sex offender after he was convicted of twice abducting a teenage schoolgirl.

In May 2018 Walsh, then of Mulderg Drive in Newtownabbey, was jailed after he was convicted of twice holding the 14-year-old against her father’s wishes on consecutive nights and sexual activity with a child.

On one occasion the schoolgirl was found by police in Walsh’s attic. On the other occasion police smashed in his bedroom door and found her wearing just her bra and pants.

Freed from prison a year later, within days Walsh began bombarding a 23-year-old mum-of-two with 58 text messages and a picture of himself. He was jailed for another year for breaching his SOPO.

In court on Wednesday, defence solicitor Jonathan Burke said it was a “sad situation because he had been engaging well with police and probation” but he conceded that “clearly, there’s an inevitability about the remand into custody.”

“That’s a very realistic acceptance,”  District Judge Laura Ievers told the lawyer.

She added that it was “of considerable concern to the court that there’s been a breach of a court order and an inability to manage this young man.”

Remanding Walsh into custody and adjourning the case to November 19,  she said her “central” concern was the risk of further offences, secondary to the risk of witness interference.

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