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Ciaran Hinds and wife guided by intimacy coordinator for scene in new TV show The Dry

Same expert worked with daughter on popular series Normal People


Ciaran Hinds

Ciaran Hinds

Helene Patarot

Helene Patarot

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Aoife Hinds

Aoife Hinds


Ciaran Hinds

Ciaran Hinds has revealed an intimacy coordinator choreographed a sex scene with his wife on the set of his new TV show.

The Belfast-born actor (69) said the supervisor also worked with his actress daughter Aoife on the popular BBC show Normal People.

Ciaran and his French-Vietnamese actress wife Helene Patarot (68) are seen having sex against a wheelie bin in an alleyway in episode three of Irish-set comedy drama series The Dry.

He said about working with his partner of 34 years: “I did have a long chat with Paddy [Breatnach — the director] about that whole episode, and about the idea of people of a certain age getting it on behind the bins.

“But he convinced me not to be embarrassed by it because it had to be something quite shocking, but also odd and quite funny too.

“The odd thing is that we had an intimacy coordinator on set. You talk about how to deal with sexual situations and sexual issues, and how to feel comfortable together on set.

“She knew that we were married and said that we probably wouldn’t need any supervision.

“And indeed Helene had the time of her life, having such a laugh at it.

“But the curious thing was that the intimacy co-ordinator had been the intimacy co-ordinator for Aoife, too, on Normal People.

“So basically she has sexed up the whole family.”

Ciaran and Helene’s daughter Aoife (31) played Helen, the “other woman”, in Normal People.


Aoife Hinds

Aoife Hinds

Aoife Hinds

The show spotlighted the work of intimacy coordinator Ita O’Brien — hailed as a post-#MeToo hero for ensuring actors feel comfortable simulating sex on screen.

Dublin-set BritBox show The Dry has been described as “Fleabag meets Normal People with a dash of Marian Keyes”.

It features heroine Shiv — played by Roisin Gallagher from The Fall — returning home from London and struggling to embrace a sober life and trying to reconnect with her dad Tom, played by Ciaran.

Ciaran — who played Pop in Sir Kenneth Branagh’s Oscar-winning film Belfast — said it is his “first attempt at comedy drama”.

He also revealed he was stunned when he witnessed Will Smith smack Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars as he sat alongside his Belfast co-star Dame Judi Dench (87). He said: “Myself and Dame Judi were parked up quite close.

“And time seemed to stop for about five seconds, and we couldn’t quite believe our own eyes.

“And from where we sat, for a moment it looked like it could’ve been part of a routine or something staged.

“But then I saw Chris Rock and the look in his eyes and I thought, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no... We’re off script now’.”

Ciaran is now living in Donegal where he is shooting the noir thriller In The Land of Saints and Sinners.

He plays the villain opposite his Ballymena-born mate Liam Neeson (69).

He said: “We haven’t made a movie together in more than 40 years, since Excalibur, so we decided to have another go.”

His other forthcoming gigs include more TV, another movie and a performance of Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale at the Gate Theatre in Dublin.

He said about his monumental workload despite his age: “The real reason is that I’m cheap, and I’m not fussy.”

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